Tau Harawira (Unity Pacific), Tigilau Ness (Unity Pacific), Annie Grace, La Coco, Petrina Togi-Sa’ena (awards organiser).

The Panel: Tau Harawira (Unity Pacific), Tigilau Ness (Unity Pacific), Annie Grace, La Coco, Petrina Togi-Sa’ena (awards organiser). Photo: RNZ


Johnny Barker live in session

Alt-J chat about their new album

Introducing: Robinson


Nic Offer from !!! 

The Sampler - Mac Demarco

Sal Valentine live in session


Pacific Music Awards panel discussion


The Mixtape - Larry Morris

Music details

Artist: Barker
Song: Ceasefire, Echo. Time. Delay
Composer: Johnny Barker
Album: Sleepwalking
Label: Independent

Artist: Barker
Song: Censored Video
Composer: Johnny Barker
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: The Black Seeds
Song: Better Days
Composer: The Black Seeds
Album: Better Days
Label: The Label

Artist: alt-J
Song: 3WW, In Cold Blood, Adeline
Composer: alt-J
Album: Relaxer
Label: Atlantic

Artist: The Bads
Song: Shelter Love
Composer: The Bads
Album: Losing Heroes
Label: Independent

Artist: Grayson Gilmour
Song: Blow Back
Composer: Grayson Gilmour
Album: Otherness
Label: Flying Nun

Introducing: Robinson
Artist: Robinson
Song: Don't Forget About Me
Composer: Anna Robinson, David Sandström and Daniel Ledinsky
Album: Don't Forget About Me
Label: Page One

The Sampler - Cave Circles
Artist: Cave Circles
Songs: Azmoni, My Heart Is A Beating Drum, LLVLLC, Warm Cuzzy
Comp: Gooch
Album: My Heart Is A Beating Drum
Label: RPR

Artist: Lapalux
Song: Flickering 
Composer: Stuart Howard
Album: Ruinism
Label: Brainfeeder


Artist: Tash Sultana
Song: Jungle
Composer: Tash Sultana
Album: Notion EP
Label: Lonely Lands

Artist: !!!
Song: The One 2, Dancing Is The Best Revenge, NRGQ, R-Rated Pictures
Composer: !!!
Album: Shake The Shudder
Label: Warp

Artist: Public Service Broadcasting
Song: Progress
Composer: Public Service Broadcasting
Album: Every Valley
Label: PIAS

The Sampler - Mac Demarco
Artist: Mac Demarco
Song: My Old Man, This Old Dog, Baby You're Out, For The First Time, Still Beating, A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes, Watching Him Fade Away
Composer: Mac Demarco
Album: This Old Dog
Label: Captured Tracks

Artist: The Miltones
Song: Glory
Composer: The Miltones
Album: Glory
Label: The Label

Sal Valentine
Artist: Sal Valentine
Song: Just Another Lover, Elizabeth I've Been A Fool
Composer: Sal Valentine
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording


Pacific music panel discussion
Artist: La Coco
Song: Let It Be 
Composer: La Coco
Album: Love And Other Things EP
Label: Independent 

Artist: Annie Grace
Song: Unchangeable Love
Composer: Annie Grace
Album: Unchangeable Love
Label: Independent

Artist: Annie Grace
Song: Loimata Ole Fiafia
Composer: Annie Grace's mum
Album: The Journey
Label: Independent

Artist: Unity Pacific
Song: Blackbirder Dread
Composer: Unity Pacific
Album: Blackbirder Dread
Label: Independent


The Mixtape - Larry Morris
Artist: Larry's Rebels
Song: I Feel Good
Composer: Allen Toussaint
Album: I Feel Good - The Essential Flashes Of Larry's Rebels 1965-1969
Label: Frenzy Music Productions

Artist: Oh Pretty Woman
Song: Roy Orbison
Composer: Roy Orbison, Dees
Album: The Essential Roy Orbison
Label: Sony Music

Artist: Tom Jones
Song: What's New Pussycat
Composer: Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Album: Tom Jones Gold
Label: Universal Music Group

Artist: Walker Brothers
Song: Make It Easy on Yourself
Composer: Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Album: Make It Easy with the Walker Brothers
Label: Mercury Records

Artist: The Yardbirds
Song: Heart Full of Soul
Composer: Graham Gouldman
Album: Shape of Things: The Very Best of the Yardbirds
Label: Charly Records

Artist: The Easybeats
Song: Friday On My Mind
Composer: George Young and Harry Vanda,
Album: Friday On My Mind
Label: Albert Productions

Artist: The Who
Song: Who Are You (single edit)
Composer: Pete Townshend
Album: The Who Hits 50
Label: Polydor UK