Music played in this show

1PM - 2PM

Artist: The Specials
Song: Rat Race
Composer: R. Byers
Album: More Specials
Label: 2 Tone Records

WOMAD 2017 Announcement
Artist: Bushy One String
Song: Chicken in the corn
Album: The King of One String
Composer: A.Chin
Label: Rise Up Entertainment

Artist:Ana Tijoux
Song: 1977
Composer: A. Tijoux
Album: 1977
Label: Nacional

Artist: Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes 
Song: Elizabeth, I've Been A Fool
Composer: Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes 
Album: Elizabeth, I've Been A Fool single
Label: Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes

Artist: Katie Gately
Song: Tuck
Composer: K. Gately
Album: Colour 
Label: Tri Angle Records

Artist: WCB
Song: Overdone, Eclipse
Composer: W. Barling
Album: EP1
Label: WCB

Artist: Aaradhna 
Song: Could You Be Love
Composer: B. Marley
Album: Stir It Up - Aotearoa's Tribute To Bob Marley
Label: Universal

Manos Del Chango In Session
Artist: Manos Del Chango 
Songs: Lagrimas
Composer: Davidson/Neilson/Garcia
Album: RNZ Recording 
Label RNZ

Artist: Manos Del Chango 
Songs: Junior
Composer: Davidson
Album: RNZ Recording 
Label RNZ

Artist: Laura Cannell
Song: Winter Salting
Composer: L. Cannell
Album: Simultaneous Flight Movement
Label: Brawl Records

2PM - 3PM

Artist: Leonard Cohen
Song: If I Didn't Have Your Love
Composer: L. Cohen
Album: You Want It Daker
Label: Columbia

2016 NZ Music Awards - Artisan Awards

Introducing: Hugo Jay
Artist: Hugo Jay
Song: Spent
Composer: O. Johnston
Album: Spent LP
Label: Costal Haze

Artist: Leisure
Songs: Hot Love, Got it Bad, Take it to the Top
Composer: Leisure
Album: Leisure
Label: Private

Artist: Aporia
Songs: Celestial Castles
Composer: Aporia
Album: Almost Tropical
Label: Cosmic Compositions

Artist: Booka Shade
Song: Night Falls
Composer: Booka Shade
Album: Movements 10
Label: Get Physical Music

3PM - 4PM

The Sampler Summit: Leonard Cohen
Artist: Leonard Cohen
Songs: You Want It Darker, Treaty, Leaving the Table, If I Didn’t Have Your Love, It Seemed The Better Way, Steer Your Way
Composer: L. Cohen
Album: You Want It Darker
Label: Sony

Artist: Roy Montgomery
Song: Tropic Of Anodyne
Composer: R. Montgomery
Album: R M H Q: Headquarters
Label: Grapefruit Record Club

Artist: The Flaming Lips
Song: The Castle
Composer: The Flaming Lips 
Album: Oczy Mlody
Label: Warner Music

Steve Wilson
Artist: Steven Wilson
Song: A Perfect Life, 
Composer: S.Wilson
Album: Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Label: Kscope

Artist: Opeth
Song: Leper Affinity
Composer: M.Åkerfeldt, P. Lindgren, M.Mendez, M.Lopez 
Album: Blackwater Park 
Label: Music For Nations/Koch

Artist: Radiohead
Song: Wierd Fishes
Composer: Radiohead
Album: In Rainbows 
Label: Radiohead

Artist: Allgood
Song: Allgood sex
Composer: Allgood
Album: Friends Collecting Friends
Label: The Grow Room

The Mixtape: Mel Parsons