Following the dissolution of The Mint Chicks, Kody Nielson formed the psych-pop outfit Opossom, surprise released an EP of funk and soul-fuelled breaks, produced a handful of records for other artists, and teamed with his brother Ruban on Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Multi-Love. Now Kody is stepping out as Silicon, with a 10-track retro-futurist solo set – he sits down with Sam Wicks to talk through a selection of album cuts.

Silicon's Kody Nielson

Silicon's Kody Nielson Photo: Ralph Brown

Introducing: Kairi

Kairi (Rassani Tolovaa).

Kairi (Rassani Tolovaa). Photo: Kane Strang

Master class: Jonny Marks, Throat Singer

Throat singer and All Seeing Hand vocalist Jonny Marks gives us a master class in vocal dexterity.

Jonny Marks and Emma Smith

3–4pm Photo: RNZ/ Zac Arnold

Headquarters: Fazerdaze
We head to the Grey Lynn studio/office/bedroom of Fazerdaze’s Amelia Murray, where she premiers two new, unreleased songs.

Opposite Sex
Dunedin’s Opposite Sex talk Hamlet, the follow-up to their acclaimed eponymous debut.

No Tag - Mistaken Identity
Auckland punk outfit No Tag missed the first wave of New Zealand punk, but retained punk’s DIY attitude, attracting a rowdy punk and skinhead following. The band is reforming for a one-off gig at Auckland’s  Kings Arms next month, with support from The Spelling Mistakes and guests. Ahead of the show,Trevor Reekie talks to No Tag guitarist Andrew Boak about the post-punk scene in the ’80s

No Tag

No Tag (L-to-R: Mark Sullivan, Carl Van Wetering, Paul Van Wetering and Andrew Boak) Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Boak


The Sampler Summit: Dr Dre Compton: A Soundtrack
Dr Dre came to prominence in the late 1980s with gangsta rap pioneers N.W.A. and went on to become one of the music’s most influential producers and entrepreneurs, working with rappers like Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Released just this month Compton: A Soundtrack is the title of Dre’s third – and what he says will be his final – album. To discuss the new album, Dre’s legacy and ongoing influence, Nick Bollinger convenes a Sampler Summit of hip hop pundits including DJ and broadcaster Aroha Harawira, rapper PNC and producer P-Money.

Dr Dre

Dr Dre Photo: Courtesy of Universal Music

Alessia Cara
Having spent her teens uploading covers to YouTube, Alessia Cara now finds herself signed to Def Jam, playing festivals and performing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In New Zealand to showcase songs from her debut EP, Alessia sits down with Zac Arnold.

Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara Photo: Universal Music

Munki Studios
There is a high likelihood that somewhere in your music collection an album or two bears the name Mike Gibson or Munki Studios. For 20 years, Gibson and his Wellington studio have had a hand in some seminal local releases from bands like Fur Patrol, Trinity Roots, So So Modern and The Hasselhoff Experiment. But the landlords have called time on their lease, which means it's time for one last hurrah. Yadana Saw checks on the party prep for The Munki Mash and takes a tour of the building, which was once home to the SIS.

Munki Studios owner Mike Gibson

Munki Studios owner Mike Gibson in his Taranaki St recording studio Photo: Sarah Hunter


Music played in this show


Artist: Opossom
Song: Electric Hawaii
Composer: K. Neilson
Album: Electric Hawaii
Label: CRS


Silicon Interview
Artist: Silicon
Songs: Personal Computer, Cellphone, God Emoji, Burning Sugar, Little Dancing Baby, Love Peace, Dope
Composer: K.Nielson
Album: Personal Computer
Label: Weird World

Silver Scroll Top 5 Finalists Montage
Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Songs: Multi-Love
Composer: R.Nielson
Album: Multi-Love

Artist: Lorde
Songs: Yellow Flicker Beat
Composer: E.Yelich-O'Connor, J.Little
Album: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
Label: Universal

Artist: Mel Parsons
Songs: Get Out Alive
Composer: M.Parsons
Album: Drylands

Artist: Marlon Williams
Songs: Dark Child
Composer: Moore, Williams
Album: Marlon Williams

Artist: Anthonie Tonnon
Songs: Water Underground
Composer: A.Tonnon
Album: Successor


Introducing: Kairi
Artist: Kairi
Songs: Placid
Composer: R. Tolovaa
Album: Rocks
Label: Kairi


Artist: Shu-De
Song: Meen Khemchim (My Khemchik River)
Composer: Traditional
Album: Shu-De: voices From The Distant Steppe
Label: Real World


Artist: Street Chant
Song: Pedestrian Support League
Composer: Street Chant



Headquarters: Fazerdaze
Artist: Fazerdaze
Song: Little Uneasy, Take It Slow
Composer: Fazerdaze
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio NZ Recording

Opposite Sex Interview
Artist: Opposite Sex
Song: La Rat, 
Composer: Opposite Sex
Album: Opposite Sex
Label: Fishrider

Artist: Opposite Sex
Song: Supermarket, 
Composer: Opposite Sex
Album: Temporary
Label: Fishrider

Artist: Opposite Sex
Song: Supermarket, Regicide, Oh Ivy
Composer: Opposite Sex
Album: Hamlet


Artist: Parquet Courts
Song: Borrowed Time
Composer: Parquet Courts
Album: Light Up Gold
Label: Dull Tools


Interview: No Tag
Artist: No Tag
Song: No Tag, Mistaken Identity, Legalised Dogs
Composer: Boak, C.Van Wetering, P.Van Wetering, Mark Sullivan
Album: Oi OI Oi EP
Label: Propeller

Artist: No Tag
Song: No Tag, Doc Martens, Pub Song, Critics (No Label), Hang On
Composer: Boak, C.Van Wetering, P.Van Wetering, Mark Sullivan
Album: Can We Get Away With It
Label: Propeller

Artist: Dead Kennedys
Song: Chickenshit Conformist
Composer: J.Biafra
Album: Bedtime for Democracy
Label: Alternative Tentacles


Artist: Kurt Vile
Song: Wakin on a Pretty Day
Composer: K. Vile
Album: Wakin On A Pretty Daze
Label: Matador Records


The Sampler Summit: Dr Dre's Compton
Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Intro
Composer: Young, Edwards, Winslow
Album: Compton: A Soundtrack
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Deep Water
Composer: Young, Duckworth, Ricks, Mohrle, Anderson, Edwards, McCormick, Natche, Abernathy Jr.
Album: Compton: A Soundtrack
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Genocide
Composer: Young, Duckworth, Ricks, Ambrosius, Jordan, Pillay, Abernathy Jr.
Album: Compton: A Soundtrack
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Loose Cannons
Composer: Young, Joiner, Ricks, Jordan, Edwards, Lawrence, Brissett
Album: Compton: A Soundtrack
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Satsfiction
Composer: Young, Ricks, Ambrosius, Abernathy Jr.
Album: Compton: A Soundtrack
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Animals
Composer: Young, Anderson, Ricks, Jordan, Martin, Semeneov
Album: Compton: A Soundtrack
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Artist: Eminem
Song: My Name Is…
Composer: Mathers, Young
Album: The Slim Shady LP
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: F*** wit Dre Day (And Everybody's Celebratin')
Composer: Young, Broadus, Wolffe
Album: The Chronic
Label: Death Row, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Let Me Ride
Composer: Young, Collins, Broadus
Album: The Chronic
Label: Death Row, Interscope

Artist: Dr Dre
Song: Still Dre
Composer: Young, Bradford, Carter
Album: 2001
Label: Aftermath, Interscope

Alessia Cara Interview
Artist: Alessia Cara
Song: Here
Composer: A. Caracciolo, S. Kole, Pop & Oak
Album: Here single
Label: Def Jam

Munky Studios Interview
Artist: Fur Patrol
Song: Andrew
Composer: Julia Deans and Fur Patrol
Album: Pet
Label: Warner

Artist: Bailter Space
Song: Morning
Composer: Bailter Space
Album: Robot World
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: The Hasselhoff Experiment
Song: Perceived and Deceived
Composer: The Hasselhoff Experiment
Album: Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Recloose
Song: Mana's Bounce
Composer: M. Chicoine 
Album: Hiatus On The Horizon
Label: Loop Recordings

Artist: The Illphonics
Song: One of Those Days
Composer: The Illphonics
Album: The Illphonics
Label: Capital Recordings

Artist: Steriogram
Song: Walkie Talkie Man
Composer: B. Carter, T. Kennedy, J. Wrennal, J. Adams, T. Youngson,
Album: Schmack!
Label: Capitol

Artist: Grayson Gilmour
Song: Chromosomes
Composer: G. Gilmour
Album: No Constellation
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Trinity Roots
Song: Little Things
Composer: Trinity Roots
Album: Trinity Roots EP
Label: Trinity Roots

Artist: Orchestra of Spheres
Song: Journey
Composer: Orchestra of Spheres
Album: Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music
Label: Sound Explorers