Aaron Tokona has made his musical mark under a variety of guises: as frontman for rock quartet Weta, guitar slinger-for-hire with Bongmaster and Fly My Pretties, and as co-pilot for hard rock duo, Cairo Knife Fight. It’s with his own project, AHoriBuzz, however that Tokona is in full control for the first time. Currently crisscrossing the country on an epic 53-date run of shows dubbed Nation of the State, Tokona checks in with Sam Wicks about his unfiltered, undiluted approach to music and opinion making.

AHoriBuzz's Aaron Tokona

AHoriBuzz's Aaron Tokona Photo: Courtesy of AHoriBuzz

Radio Punks: The Student Radio Story
Paul Casserly, former bFMer, Strawpeople producer and Eating Media Lunch director, has spent the last few years cramming the history of student radio into an expansive and lovingly shot hour-long documentary.  Ahead of its television premiere, fellow student radio documentarian, A History of Student Radio's Yadana Saw talks to Casserly telling the stories of one of New Zealand's most beloved broadcasting institutions.

 Radio Punks: The Student Radio Story

Radio Punks: The Student Radio Story Photo: Perendale Productions

The Sampler: Leanne La Havas – Blood
Nick Bollinger reviews a sophomore set from sometime Prince collaborator Lianne La Havas.


Liam Pram of Tubertechno

Tubertechno Photo: RNZ / Emma Smith

Introducing: Westley Holdsworth

Westley Holdsworth

Westley Holdsworth Photo: Courtesy of Westley Holdsworth

Gig Guide


Rackets live at The Kings Arms
When Auckland rock’n’roll trio Rackets – Oscar, Vince and Jeremy – dropped their new Bob Frisbee-produced LP Walking the Skeleton, they promptly embarked on a 20-date tour of their hometown of Auckland City. One of their stops included live music destination, The Kings Arms. Radio New Zealand’s Andre Upston caught their raucous set for Music 101.

Rackets' Oscar Davies-Kay

Rackets' Oscar Davies-Kay performing at The Kings Arms Photo: Georgia Schofield/Cheese on Toast

The Tron Music Trust
It’s hypothesised that increased access to media via laptops and smartphones coupled with New Zealand’s drinking culture has been slowly eroding our desire to see local musicians on home turf. The Tron Music Trust is looking to turn that around in Hamilton – Zac Arnold investigates how they plan to do it.

Flyer by The Tron Music Trust

Flyer by The Tron Music Trust Photo: Brooke Baker

Music played in this show


Artist: AHoriBuzz
Song: Turnaround
Composer: Tokona
Album: Into The Sunshine
Label: Warner

Artist: AHoriBuzz
Songs: Sugar, Providence, Glitter in the Gutter, Into the Sunshine, Turnaround
Composer: A.Tokona
Album: Into the Sunshine
Label: Warner


Artist: Fazerdaze
Song: Zero
Composer: Murray
Album: Fazerdaze


Artist: Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing
Song: Rainbow Islands
Composer: GPOGP
Album: Scrying in Infirmary Architecture
Label: Muzai


Student Radio Documentary
Artist: The Androidss
Song: Auckland Tonight
Composer: The Androidss
Album: Single
Label: Ripper Records

Artist: Darcy Clay
Song: Jesus I Was Evil
Composer: Clay-Bolton
Album: Jesus I Was Evil EP
Label: Antenna

Artist: The Strawpeople
Song: One Good Reason
Composer: P. Judd
Album: Hemisphere
Label: Pagan

Artist:Headless Chickens 
Composer: Matthews
Album: Body Blow
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Bressa Creeting Cake
Song: Palm Singing
Composer: Bressa Creeting Cake
Album: Bressa Creeting Cake
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Glass Vaults
Songs: West Coast
Composer: Glass Vaults
Album: Sojourn
Label: Private



The Sampler: Lianne La Havas
Artist: Lianne La Havas
Songs: What You Don’t Do, Green and Gold, Ghost, Never Get Enouigh, Unstoppable, Midnight
Composer: La Havas
Album: Blood
Label: Nonesuch


Artist: The Sami Sisters
Song: August
Composer: Sami


Artist: FKA twigs
Songs: in time
Composer: T.Barnett
Album: M3LL155X
Label: Young Turks


Tubertechno Interview
Artist: tSullivan
Song: Coffee x Toast 
Composer: Sullivan 

Artist: Lipgloss Slumberparty
Song: Elephant Ride
Composer: Pram
Album: io
Label: Tubertechno

Artist: Sorts
Song: Tabletop
Composer: Sorts
Album: io
Label: Tubertechno

Artist: Lipgloss Slumberparty
Song: A Quien Llamaras?
Composer: Pram

Artist: Sorts
Song: Quenchlist
Composer: Sorts
Album: 151 EP

Artist: LVJ x Sorts
Song: ‘Firsts’ Taster
Composer: LVJ / Sorts
Album: https://soundcloud.com/l-v-j/lvj-x-sorts-firsts-taster

Artist: Kobix
Song: Pool Mall 
Composer: Kobix
Album: Endless Infomertial

Artist: Loid 
Song: Chees e Board
Composer: Loid
Album: io
Label: Tubertechno

Artist: Hartebeast
Song: Mizuko
Composer: Hartebeast
Album: Hartebeast

Artist: Alcs
Song: What Am I Doing?
Composer: Alcs

Artist: Sorts
Song: Blops
Composer: Sorts
Album: 151 EP

Song: All My Life


Artist: Battles 
Songs: The Yabba
Composer: I.Williams, J.Stanier, D.Konopka
Album: La Di Da Di
Label: Warp Records


The Sampler: Tyondai Braxton
Artist: Tynodai Braxton
Songs: Boids, Scout 1, Galavea, Amlochley
Composer: Braxton
Album: Hive1
Label: Nonesuch


Introducing: Westley Holdsworth
Artist: Westley Holdsworth
Songs: Temple
Composer: W. Holdsworth
Album: Temples single
Label: Westley Holdsworth

Artist: Harmonia
Song: Watussi
Composer: Von Mobius, Roedelius, Rother
Album: Music Von Harmonia
Label: Brain


Artist: Max Merritt and The Meteors
Song: Slippin' Away
Composer: Max Merrit
Album: Keeping In Touch
Label: Polydor

Rackets: Live at the King's Arms
Artist: Rackets
Song: Cult of Rackets, Barracuda, Wrong House, Swan Song, Palm Springs, Sweaty (Grip of the Moron)
Composer: O.Davies-Kay, J.Goatsman, V.Nairn
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording


Artist: Opposite Sex
Song: Regicide
Composer: Opposite Sex
Album: Hamlet


The Tron Music Trust
Artist: The Datsuns
Songs: MF From Hell
Composer: The Datsuns
Album: The Datsuns
Label: Hellsquad Records

Artist: Pumice
Songs: Bold/Old
Composer: S. Neville
Album: Pebbles
Label: Soft Abuse

Artist: CTFD
Songs: NBBLZ
Composer: CTFD
Album: NBBLZ single
Label: Ammo Nation

Artist: STUSS
Songs: Where The Wild Things Are ft. KVKA
Composer: STUSS 
Album: Where The Wild Things Are single
Label: Ammo Nation

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle feat. Kimbra
Songs: Brother Sun
Composer: D.Wright, M.TK, K.Johnson
Album: Aeons EP
Label: Loop Recordings


Artist: Lips
Song: Traces of Teddy
Composer: S.Brown
Album: Single
Label: Private