Hear a playlist of musical highlights and appearances from this week's guests.


Yo La Tengo
Yo La Tengo have returned to the format of their fan adored 1991 album Fakebook, with a new collection of stripped back covers. Samuel Scott talks to Yo La frontman Ira Kaplan about what it means to look back and why hearing his wife Georgia sing on the new record Stuff Like That There breaks his heart.

Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo Photo: Dusdin Condren

Introducing: Skyscraper Stan

The Sampler: Wilco – Star Wars
Nick Bollinger reviews the latest set from Illinois alternative rock sextet Wilco.

Fur Patrol
It's been six years since Fur Patrol last took to the stage, but last weekend saw the trio reunite for The Munki Mash,  a knees-up that marked the end of Wellington's Munki/Inca/Trident Studios building. Yadana Saw catches up with Fur Patrol’s Julia Deans, Simon Braxton and Andrew Bain to find out why this was the occasion that warranted their return.

Fur Patrol

Fur Patrol (L-to-R: Simon Braxton, Andrew Bain and Julia Deans) Photo: Dan Robinson


Orchestra of Spheres
The Wellington sonic explorers join us for a session live at the Music 101 studio, with new drummer, Rikki Gooch.

Electro-pop newbie MAALA is one of New Zealand’s most hyped up and comers, but with a label intent on keeping his identity secret, digging for information beyond his age (20) and location (Auckland) has been a rather unsatisfying exercise. Melody Thomas meets the mysterious young man behind the music.


MAALA Photo: Lia Kent Mackillop

Gig Guide


Global Beats: Cuban Overture - Part 1
Cuba has an astonishing new generation of experimental musicians, eager to be heard by the wider world. DJ and producer Gilles Peterson has been travelling to Havana for the last six years in search of its best new artists. In this two-part series, he uncovers the unique music that’s made when young Cuban musicians look beyond their country to fuse worldwide influences with a distinctly Cuban sound.

Cuban musician Dayme Arocena

Cuban musician Dayme Arocena Photo: BBC

John Lydon
Over four decades, John Lydon’s influence on pop culture has never diminished. With and his third book Anger is an Energy released earlier this year and a new Public Image album, What the World Needs Now…, out in September, his creative and confrontational journey continues to entertain and endure. Trevor Reekie talks to Lydon about his multifaceted career.

John Lydon

John Lydon Photo: Paul Hartfield

Music played in this show


Artist: Yo La Tengo
Song: And The Glitter is Gone
Composer: Yo La Tengo
Album: Popular Songs
Label: Matador


Artist: Daniel Johnston and Yo La Tengo
Song: Speeding Motorcycle
Composer: Johnston
Album: Speeding Motorcycle
Label: Singles Only Label


Yo La Tengo Interview
Artist: Yo La Tengo
Song: Friday I’m In Love
Composer: P.Bamonte, B.Williams, S.Gallup, R.Smith, P.Thompson
Album: Stuff Like That There
Label: Matador Records

Artist: Yo La Tengo
Song: The Ballad of Red Buckets
Composer: I.Kaplan, G.Hubley, J.McNew
Album: Stuff Like That There
Label: Matador Records

Artist: Yo La Tengo
Song: Butchies Tune
Composer: J.Sebastian, S.Boone
Album: Stuff Like That There
Label: Matador Records

Artist: Yo La Tengo
Song: I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
Composer: H.Williams Snr.
Album: Stuff Like That There
Label: Matador Records


Artist: Tami Neilson
Song: Lonely
Composer: Neilson/Neilson
Album: Don't Be Afraid
Label: Southbound


Introducing: Skyscraper Stan
Artist: Skyscraper Stan
Song: I Fell Over
Composer: Woodhouse
Album: Last Year's Tune


The Sampler: Wilco - Star Wars
Artist: Wilco
Songs: Where Do I Begin, More…, Random Name Generator, Pickled Ginger, EKG, The Joke Explained
Composer: Tweedy, Wilco
Album: Star Wars
Label: dBpm



Artist: Julia Deans
Song: A New Dialogue
Composer: Julia Deans
Album: Modern Fables
Label: Tardus


Fur Patrol Interview
Artist: Fur Patrol
Songs: Lydia, Precious, Hauling You Around, 
Composer: Fur Patrol, Julia Deans
Album: Munki Studio recording
Label: Munki Studio recording

Artist: Sexwitch
Songs: Helelyos

Composer: Sexwitch
Album: Sexwitch

Label: The Echo Label


MAALA Interview
Artist: MAALA

Songs: Touch, In the Air, Higher, Unbound, Magic

Composer: E.Sinton, J.Fountain
Album: MAALA

Label: Sony Music


Artist: Le1f
Songs: Koi

Composer: K. Diouf, SOPHIE
Album: Riot Boi

Label: Terrible Records


Artist: Maya Vanya
Songs: Diving Board ft. Chelsea Jade

Composer: Maya Vanya, C. Metcalf
Album: Diving Board single

Label: Mushroom Group


Artist: Floating Points
Song: King Bromeliad
Composer: Floating Points
Album: King Bromeliad single
Label: Eglo Records


Artist: Celia Cruz
Song: La Vida Es Un Carnaval
Composer: Victor Daniel
Album: Exitos Externos
Label: Universal

Global Beats Cuban Overture Pt. 1

Artist: Latinaotearoa
Song: La Candela
Composer:J.Zean, I.Aesili
Album: RNZ recording
Label: RNZ recording

John Lydon Interview
Artist: PiL
Song: Double Trouble, Spice of Life, Corporate, Big Blue Sky, Shoom, I’m Not Satisfied, Whole Life Time, The One
Composer: Lydon, Smith, Edmonds, Firth
Album: What the World Needs Now
Label: PiL Official Ltd

Artist: PiL
Song: Warrior, This Is Not A Love Song, Death Disco
Composer: Lydon, Smith, Edmonds, Firth
Album: Live at Glastonbury 2013
Label: PiL Official Ltd

Artist: Royal Headache
Song: Garbage
Composer: Royal Headache
Album: High
Label: What's Your Rapture