Arthur Russell
Biographer Tim Lawrence reflects on the life of the New York music pioneer Arthur Russell on the release of a new Red Hot compilation of his work.

Arthur Russell cropped
Arthur Russell

Liam Finn
Liam Finn on working with Arthur Russell collaborators Peter Zummo and Ernie Brooks on Red Hot + Arthur Russell.

Chelsea Jade
Chelsea Jade Metcalf has dropped her Watercolours moniker, but the soft-focus edges of her ethereal R&B remain. She talks us through her new EP Beacons.

Chealsea Jade James J Lowe NEW
Chelsea Jade / Photo by James K Lowe

Introducing: Arcee


Musical Robots
We head to an exhibition which combines sonic arts and electrical engineering.

Emma Musical Robots pick
Robotic taishōgoto - photo: Jeremy Brick

Jakob - Sines
Hawkes Bay's Jakob have a lot of peaks and troughs - both in their sound, and their career as a band. Their first new album in eight years, Sines, arrives this week, and it's been a journey fraught with setbacks, but also dotted with high points, such as being handpicked to support Tool in Australasia. Jakob join Kirsten Johnstone to talk it over.

Jakob recording 'Harmonia' at Roundhead Studio from Radio New Zealand on Vimeo.

Gig Guide


Myele Manzanza Tour Diary
When world renowned Detroit DJ and producer Theo Parrish led a live band across an expansive European tour for the first time in a decade, he assembled a collective of musicians and dancers from around the globe. When Myele Manzanza got the summons to come all the way from New Zealand to play drums, he knew it was a chance of a lifetime. Manzanza documents his travels in this tour diary.

Myele Manzanza R my Golinelli
Myele Manzanza holding it down for the Theo Parrish Live Band / Photo by Rémy Golinell

The Sampler: Country Funk II
Nick Bollinger reviews a collection of funky late 60s - early 70s country music from the likes of Kenny Rogers, Townes Van Zandt, and Dolly Parton.

Ha the Unclear
Ha the Unclear's Michael Cathro has overseen a long migration with his project - from Dunedin where he started the band under a different name, to Cork, Ireland and finally to Auckland. Former flatmate Anthonie Tonnon talks to Cathro about a forgotten scene in Dunedin, and the character-focused writing on the new album, Bacterium, Look at Your Motor Go.

Ha the Unclear Amanda Konijn
Ha the Unclear / Photo by Amanda Konijn

Music played in this show


Artist: Hot Chip
Song: Go Bang
Composer: Russell
Album: Red Hot + Arthur Russell
Label: Red Hot


Tim Lawrence on Arthur Russell Interview
Music details to come


Red Hot + Arthur Russell with Liam Finn
Artist: Liam Finn
Song: This Love Is Crying
Composer: Arthur Russell
Album: Red Hot and Arthur Russell
Label: Red Hot


Chelsea Jade- Beacons Interview
Artist: Chelsea Jade
Song: Visions, Free Throw, Find Me, Assembly, Epilogue
Composer: C.Metcalfe, J.Pilbrow
Album: Beacons
Label: Universal


Introducing: Arcee
Artist: Arcee
Song: The Cool Zone
Composer: Wignall/SuaSua
Album: The Cool Zone EP
Label: Self Released


Artist: Aphex Twin
Song: 180 db_
Composer: Aphex Twin
Album: Syro
Label: Warp



Artist: Supergroove
Song: You Freak Me
Composer: J. Lonie/K. Steven
Album: Postage
Label: BMG

Artist: Lilburn
Song: Three Inscapes: 2
Composer: Lilburn
Album: Electro-acoustic works
Label: Atoll

Musical Robots Interview


Artist: Daft Punk
Song: Robot Rock
Composer: Daft Punk
Album: Human After All
Label: Virgin

Artist: Mogwai
Song: Teenage Exorcists
Composer: Mogwai
Album: Music Industry 3, Fitness Industry 1
Label: Rock Action


Artist: Jakob
Songs: Harmonia, Blind Them With Science, Magna Carta, Emergent, Resolve
Composer: Boyle/Beckett/Johnson
Album: Sines
Label: The Mylene Sheath


Artist: Sunn O))) and Scott Walker
Song: Brando
Composer: Sunn O)))/ Walker
Album: Brando
Label: 4AD


Gig Guide

Artist: George Clinton
Song: Atomic Dog
Composer: Clinton
Album: The Best Of George Clinton
Label: EMI

Artist: Odesza
Song: Bloom
Composer: Mills/Knight
Album: In Return
Label: Counter Records



Artist: Myele Manzanza
Song: Big Space
Composer: Manzanza,De Clive-Lowe
Album: One
Label: Every


Myele Manzanza + Theo Parish- Tour Diary

Artist: Theo Parrish
Songs: The Rink / Love Triumphant / Galactic Ancestors / Synthetic Flemm
Composer: Theo Parrish
Album: Sound Sculptures, Vol. 1
Label: Sound Signature

Artist: Theo Parrish
Songs: Love is War For Miles
Composer: Theo Parrish
Album: First Floor
Label: Peacefrog Holdings

Artist: Theo Parrish
Songs: Lake Shore Drive
Composer: Theo Parrish
Album: Small Black Church
Label: KDJ

Artist: Theo Parrish
Songs: Moonlight
Composer: Theo Parrish
Album: Moonlight Music and You
Label: Sound Signature

Artist: Myele Manzanza
Songs: (checking with Myele)
Composer: Myele Manzana
Album: One
Label: BBE records


Artist: Fat Freddy’s Drop
Song: Slings and Arrows
Composer: Fat Freddy’s Drop Album: Single
Label: The Drop


The Sampler: Country Funk II
Audio link to come
Music details to come

Album: Country Funk II
Label: Light In The Attic


Artist: Shifting Sands
Song: All The Stars
Composer: Shifting Sands
Album: Temporary
Label: Fishrider


Ha The Unclear Interview
Audio link to come
Artist: Ha The Unclear
Song: Corstorphine/Apostate/Secret Lives Of Furniture/Infatuated/85/Kosmonaut/Growing Mould
Composer: Michael Cathro
Album:Bacterium, Look At Your Motor Go
Label: Self -released


Artist: Dudley Benson
Song: Ruru - Shuta Hasunuma Remix
Composer: Melbourne/Hasunuma/Benson
Album: Deforestation
Label: Golden Retriever Records