Kimbra live in session
The biggest thing to come out of Hamilton since powdered milk releases her long-awaited second album around the world this Friday. Kimbra is joined in studio by two of her band mates to perform unique versions of songs from The Golden Echo.

Plenty of musicians run record labels but few have integrated that job into their music making persona as clearly as Sincerly Yours' Eric Berglund. Eric speaks with Shaun D Wilson about the label, covering Kanye West, and his latest album Wonderland.

Introducing: Times x Two

Times x Two
Times x Two's Cade'r and Zee


INXS - Never Tear Us Apart
When the stadium-filling Australian pub rockers INXS lost their charismatic frontman Michael Hutchence in 1997, the band played on, taking on a handful of fill-ins before launching the search for a new singer through a reality television show. Now defunct as an outfit, INXS's Tim Farriss and Kirk Pengilly tell Sam Wicks why they initially chose to solider on.


The Sampler: Beach Pigs, Grom Warfare
Nick Bollinger reviews a summer-themed set from Auckland indie-rock quartet Beach Pigs.

Into The Void
Bruce Russell calls them the "Christchurch artists drinking club", but they prefer art metal. We talk with Into The Void guitarist Jason Grieg and director Margaret Gordon about the Into The Void documentary, which premiers at the NZ Film Festival in Christchurch this week.


Audiophilia: The Secret Life of Audiophiles 2
"High fidelity" means being true to an original acoustic event; recreating music that is exactly as it sounded when it was recorded. In Audiophilia, Julie Hill talks to sound system, hi-fi and speaker makers passionate about doing justice to the tunes they love: Ron from south London and his majestic Sputnik speakers; Bostonian boat builder Toby Shaugnessy and his giant horns, 50s retro raggamuffin Marty Vital's big bass and the man whose speakers made Rodney Hide cry. Hear more about Audiophiles

Clockwise from top left: Original Ted Jordan module speakers (cone removed), Magneplanar speakers, Tannoy silver costing several thousand pounds (moving coil), Tannoy monitors.

The Sampler: Benjamin Booker
23 year old New Orleans-based Benjamin Booker has just released his debut album, which fuses blues, punk, and garage rock - Nick Bollinger finds out more.

Music played in this show


Artist: Gotye
Song: Somebody That I used to know
Composer: DeBacker
Album: Making Mirrors
Label: Samplesnseconds

Kimbra Live Session

Artist: Kimbra
Song: Miracle
Composer: Kimbra
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

Artist: Kimbra
Song: Miracle
Composer: Kimbra
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio New Zealand recording

Artist: Broods
Song: Never Gonna Change
Composer: Joel Little / Caleb Nott / Georgia Nott
Album: Ep
Label: Universal

Artist: FKA Twigs
Song: Hours
Composer:Barnett/ Hynes/Volpe/ Haynie
Album: LP1
Label: Young Turks

Artist: Kanye West
Song: Hold My Liquor
Composer: West
Album: Yeezus
Label: Def Jam

CEO Interview

Artist: CEO
Song: My Liquor
Composer: Kanye West, Mike Dean, Justin Vernon, Keith Cozart, Elon Rutberg, Che Smith, Malik Jones, Alejandro Ghersi, Cydel Young, Derrick Watkins, Mikey Rodridgues
Album: Whorehouse

Artist: CEO
Song: Ultrakaos/Harikiri/Wonderland
Composer: Eric Berglund
Album: Wonderland

Introducing Times x Two

Artist: Times x Two
Songs: Get Me Some Mon'
Composer: A.Cader/Z.Nasir
Album: Single
Label: Private

Artist: Sola Rosa
Song: Can We Get It Together FT Noah Slee
Composer: Spraggon, Slee
Album: Magnetics
Label: Magnetics

Artist: Bombay Dub Orchestra
Song: Monsoon Malabar (International Observer remix)
Composer: G Hughes/A Mackay
Album: Touched
Label: Dubmission


INXS Interview

Artist: INXS
Songs: Need You Tonight, Devil Inside, Never Tear Us Apart
Composer: A.Farris/M.Hutchence
Album: Kick
Label: WEA, Atlantic

Artist: INXS
Songs: Original Sin
Composer: A.Farris/M.Hutchence
Album: The Swing
Label: WEA

Artist: INXS
Songs: Suicide Blonde, Bitter Tears
Composer: A.Farris/M.Hutchence
Album: X
Label: Mercury, XPRO

Artist: INXS
Songs: What You Need
Composer: A.Farris/M.Hutchence
Album: Listen Like Thieves
Label: Atlantic

Artist: INXS
Songs: Perfect Strangers
Composer: G.Beers, T.Bruno, The Matrix, S.Peiiken
Album: Switch
Label: Epic

Artist: INXS
Songs: Pretty Vegas
Composer: A.Farris, JD Fortune, M.Casey, J.Unga
Album: Switch
Label: Epic

Artist: INXS
Songs: Hungry
Composer: A.Farris
Album: Switch
Label: Epic

Artist: Hunters & Collectors
Song: Throw Your Arms Around Me
Composer: Seymour
Album: Cool World: 41 Essential Australian Rock Singles 1976-1986
Label: Raven

The Sampler: Beach Pigs, Grom Warfare

Artist: Beach Pigs
Songs: XOXO, Day Dreamer, Night Surfing, Big Peach, Catch Up In The Sun, Heartbreaker
Composer: Beach Pigs
Album: Grom Warfare
Label: Beach Pigs

Artist: David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights
Song: Lose Myself In Sound
Composer: Kilgour
Album: End Times Undone.
Label: Merge

Into The Void Interview

Music details to come

Artist: Celia Mancini
Song: Kiasu
Composer: Mancini
Album: Where In The World Is Wendy Broccoli
Label: Flying Nun

Gig Guide

Music details to come


Artist: Ken Nordine
Song: Sounds In Space - Stereophonic Sounds Demonstration
Composer: Stravinsky, Prokoviev
Album: Sounds In Space - Stereophonic Sounds Demonstration
Label: Realgone

Secret Life Of Audiophiles 2

Artist: Jamie Cullum
Songs: Lover, You Should Have Come Over
Composer: Buckley
Album: Twenty Something
Label: Universe

Artist: Steely Dan
Songs: Aja
Composer: Steely Dan
Album: Aja
Label: ABC

Artist: Linton Kwesi Johnson
Songs: Street 66
Composer: L.K.Johnson
Album: Independent Intavenshan
Label: Island

Artist: The Temptations
Songs: You’re My Everything
Composer: N.Whitfield, C.Grant, R.Penzabene
Album: The Temptations With a Lot o’ Soul
Label: Motown

Artist: Marvin Gaye
Songs: Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
Composer: M.Gaye
Album: 15 Greatest Hits
Label: Motown

Artist: Billie Holiday
Songs: That Ole Devil Called Love
Composer: A. Roberts, D.Fisher
Album: That Ole Devil Called Love
Label: Decca

Artist: Chung Wha Kyung
Songs: Salut d’Amour
Composer: Elgar
Album: The World of the Violin
Label: Decca

Artist: Canibus
Songs: Second Round KO
Composer: G.Williams
Album: Can-I-Bus
Label: Universal

Artist: Joan Osborne
Songs: Pensacola
Composer: J.Osborne
Album: Relish
Label: Mercury

Artist: Beltones
Songs: No More Heartaches
Composer: T.Shields
Album: Tighten Up: Trojan Reggae Classics
Label: Trojan

Artist: Sid Diamond
Song: Speakers Blown
Composer: Diamond
Album: Cohibas and Cuba Libres
Label: MTC/Warner.

The Sampler: Benjamin Booker

Artist: Benjamin Booker
Songs: Have You Seen My Son?, Chippewa, Violent Shiver, Wicked Waters, Happy Home
Composer: Booker
Album: Benjamin Booker
Label: ATO

Artist: Fat White Family
Song:  Is It Raining In Your Mouth?
Composer: Saoudi
Album: Champagne Holocaust
Label: Fat Possum