2-3 pm

Nardwuar the Human Serviette is a Canadian music journalist famed for his unorthodox approach to interviews, and he's turned his diligently researched questions on everyone from Nirvana to Iggy Pop to Jay-Z. We talk to Nardwuar about what makes a great interview.
Nardwuar New

LA producer Jennifer Lee aka Tokimonsta left her job to try her hand at making beats full time.  6 years on, and she’s still doing it - releasing her second album Half Shadows on Brainfeeder; home to Flying Lotus and Daedelus.
Photo credit: Theo Jemison


King Kapisi
King Kapisi tells us about his new song ‘Crush’, featuring Dilated Peoples’ Rakaa.


3-4 pm

Mavis Staples: One True Vine
Nick Bollinger reviews a subdued set from gospel veteran Mavis Staples for The Sampler.
Mavis Staples One True Vine

These New Puritans - Field of Reeds
Smashing glass, breaking waves, a live hawk and a magnetized piano...these are just a few of the sounds used in the third album from London’s These New Puritans. We talk with percussionist George Barnett about the making of Field Of Reeds.
These New Puritans STARK WHITE COLOURjpeg

Introducing: Bright Child
Bright Child Like it Better


Jol Mulholland: Live in session
The talented Mr Mulholland pops in to play us some songs.


Gig Guide


4-5 pm

Musical Chairs featuring Bruce Aitken
Bruce Aitken is an award winning ex-pat drummer and educator who currently lives in West Australia. He has performed all over the world, and for a decade, owned and operated the well respected Cape Breton International Drum Festival in Canada. It’s all a long way from Invercargill.
For Musical Chairs, Trevor Reekie talks to Bruce Aitken about drums, drummers and an up-tempo lifestyle.


The music of the Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands - halfway between Norway and Iceland, and still with some Danish governance, have been ‘settled’ by various cultures over the past ten centuries, leading to a unique music culture. Visiting lecturer at the NZ School of Music Kim Cannady shares music and dance from the Faroe Islands.


Alan Downes: The Best
Nick Bollinger reviews the unreconstructed Kiwi country of Alan Downes for The Sampler.

Music played in this show


Artist: Thee Skablins
Songs: Tornado, Emergency Procedures
Composer: Thee Skablins
Album: We Are Thee Goblins From Canada!
Label: Nardwuar Records

Artist: The Evaporators
Songs: I Hate Bring Late When I’m Early/Real Thing/Welcome to My Castle/Milkshake Murder/All the Bad Girls/Bunk
Composer: The Evaporators
Album: Busy Doing Nothing
Label: Mint Records

Artist: The Squires
Songs: The Sultan / Aurora
Composer: The Squires
Label: V records


Artist: The Dead Kennedys
Song: The Man With The Dogs
Composer: Biafra/ Dead Kennedys
Album: Give Me Convenience of Give Me Death
Label: Alternative Tentacles

Artist: Flying Lotus
Song: Parisian Goldfish
Composer: Flying Lotus
Album: Los Angeles
Label: Warp



Artist: Tokimonsta
Songs: Look-A-Like, Sa Mo Jung
Composer: Tokimonsta
Albums: Midnight Menu
Label: Listen Up

Artist: Tokimonsta
Songs: Green, The Force, Spilling Autumn
Composer: Tokimonsta
Albums: Half Shadows.
Label: Brainfeeder


Artist: Run the Jewels (El P and Killer Mike)
Song: DDFH
Composer: Run the Jewels
Album: Run The Jewels
Label: Fools Gold


Artist: King Kapisi
Song: Crush
Composer: King Kapisi
Album: Hip Hop Lives Here

Artist: Mos Def, Skillz, High and Mighty
Song: B-Boy Document 99
Composer:The High and Mighty
Album: Soundbombing II
Label: Rawkus

Artist: Jet Jaguar
Song: Poster Child
Composer: Upton
Album: Many Things




The Sampler: Mavis Staples: One True Vine
Artist: Mavis Staples
Songs: Holy Ghost
Composer: Sparhawk
Songs: Every Step, Jesus Wept, One True Vine
Composer: Tweedy
Song: Woke Up This Morning
Composer: Public Domain arr. Tweedy
Song: I Like The Things About Me
Composer: Staples
Song: Can You Get To That
Composer: Clinton
Song: Far Celestial Shore
Composer: Lowe
Album: One True Vine
Label: Anti


Artist: Booker T Jones feat Vintage Trouble
Song: Your Love Is No Love
Composer: Nalle Colt, Richard Danielson, Ty Taylor, Booker T. Jones, Rick Barrio Dill
Album: Sound the Alarm
Label: Stax

Artist: Isaac Hayes
Song: Walk on By
Composer: Bacherach, David
Album: Hot Buttered Soul
Label: Enterprise


These New Puritans
Artist: These New Puritans
Song: This Guy’s In Love With You
Comp: Burt Bacharach-Hal David
Album: Field Of Reeds
Label: PIAS/Infectious Music

Artist: These New Puritans
Song: Fragment Two, V (Island Song), Organ Eternal, Nothing Else, Dream, Field Of Reeds
Comp: Jack Barnett
Album: Field Of Reeds
Label: PIAS/Infectious Music

Artist: These New Puritans
Song: The Light In Your Name
Comp: Jack Barnett-Michel van der Aa
Album: Field Of Reeds
Label: PIAS/Infectious Music

Artist: Black City Lights
Song: Offering
Composer: Black City Lights
Album: Another Life
Label: Stars & Letters


Introducing: Bright Child
Artist: Bright Child
Song: Like It Better
Composer: Bright Child


Jol Mulholland in Session
Artist: Jol Mulholland
Song: On A Train
Composer: Mulholland
Album: Unreleased
Label: RNZ Recording


Gig Guide

Artist: Onra
Song: Hold Tight featuring Chuck Inglish
Composer: Onra
Album: Deep In The Night
Label: Fool's Gold Records

Artist: Randa
Song: Apple Juice
Composer: Randa
Album: Lunch Box EP


Artist: The Baptist Generals
Song: Machine En Prolepsis
Composer: The Baptist Generals
Album: Jackleg Devotional To The Heart
Label: Sub Pop




Artist: Kinnon and Betty Beaton
Song: Brook Village Dance, Strathspey and Reels
Composer: Kinnon and Betty Beaton
Album: The Heart of Cape Breton
Label: Smithsonian Folkways


Musical Chairs: Bruce Aitken

Artist: Bruce Aitken - Joe Waye Jnr
Song: ASAP
Composer: Bruce Aitken
Album: unreleased

Artist: David Rastrick & Bruce Aitken
Song: Inner Whirls
Composer: Bruce Aitken
Album: unreleased

Artist: Ray Columbus And The Invaders
Song: Jimmy Jumps
Composer: Ray Columbus And The Invaders
Album: The Definitive Collection
Label: Stebbing Recording Centre

Artist: Bruce Aitken
Song: Africa’s calling solo drums
Composer: Bruce Aitken
Album: unreleased

Artist: Lenny Kravitz
Song: Cold Turkey (Live) [Remastered]
Composer: Lennon
Album: Let Love Rule - 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Label: Virgin

Artist: Plastic Ono Band
Song: Instant Karma
Composer: Lennon
Album: Power to the People – The hits
Label: Capitol - EMI

Artist: Chicago
Song: 25 or 6 to 4
Composer: Lamm
Album: Chicago
Label: Columbia Records

Artist: The Who
Song: Wont Get Fooled again
Composer: Townshend
Album: Who’s Next
Label: Polydor

Artist: Be My Baby
Song: The Ronettes
Composer: Spector - Barry
Album: Phil Spector - Back To mono
Label: Abkco Records

Artist: Paul McCartney
Song: Too Many People
Composer: Paul McCartney
Album: Ram
Label: Capitol - EMI

Artist: Vanilla Fudge
Song: You Keep Me Hangin' On
Composer: Holland–Dozier–Holland
Album: Best of…
Label: Acto Records

Artist: Temptations
Song: Papa Was a Rollin' Stone (Single Version)
Composer: Whitfield-Strong
Album: Motown Anthology Series: The Temptations
Label: Motown

Artist: Billy Cobham
Song: Stratus
Composer: Billy Cobham
Album: Spectrum
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist: David Cain & Paul Wertico
Song: Take Away Everything (Live)
Composer: David Cain & Paul Wertico
Album: Feast for the Senses
Label: CD Baby

Artist: Bruce Aitken - Joe Waye Jnr
Song: ASAP
Composer: Bruce Aitken
Album: unreleased


Music of the Faroe Islands

The Sampler: Alan Downes- The Best
Artist: Alan Downes
Songs: The Best, Road Of Gold, Huiarangi Homebrew, The Man, Yesterday’s Cars
Composer: Downes
Album: The Best
Label: Independent

Artist: Goblin
Song: Profundo Rosso
Composer: Goblin
Album: Profundo Rosso
Label: Cinevox