2-3 pm

Aotearoa Reggae Allstars
Top local reggae artists remake the Herb's classic 'Sensitive to a Smile' for charity. Hear Sons of Zion, House of Shem, Tomorrow People, Three Houses Down, Majic Paora and Ria Hall breathe life into a classic.

Awa - Heartbeat
Te Awanui Reeder's back with a new EP of South Pacific pop, reggae and R&B- Heartbeat, following his recent trip to Hawaii.  We check in with him for a Matariki progress report.


Parquet Courts
Guitarist and lyricist for New York group Parquet Courts; Austin Brown on the geeky record club that started it all, and why they now lean more heavily on literature than music.

3-4 pm

Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers
Rick Bryant has enjoyed a lifetime in music. He could have had a career in academia, but the blues, folk, rock and soul called him. Over the years Rick has contributed to a broad spectrum of local 'roots' music, including spells with Original Sin; Mammal; Blerta; The Jubilation Gospel Choir; the Windy City Strugglers; and of course Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers,  who have just release a new album The Blacksoap from Monkeyburg. Trevor Reekie catches up with Rick Bryant, collaborator Gordon Spittle and producer Ed Cake.

Sarah Spicer
This Waihi based singer-songwriter became a close friend of John Lee Hooker; her debut album features one of the blues legend's last performances caught on tape.
Sarah Spicer and John Lee Hooker

Murray McNabb Obituary
Respected Auckland pianist and composer Murray McNabb died this week. Hear a brief overview of his career, compiled from the archives.

Introducing: Killing Bear
killing bear cover

The Gig Guide
We bring you the best events around the county.

4-5 pm

Musical Chairs featuring: Shapeshifter
Shapeshifter have just raised a glass to an opal anniversary. After 14 years in the business, they’ve signed to a major label with the hope of cracking Australia, a territory that’s always been challenging for the dance-music power house. Music Mix producer Nick Atkinson visits tattoo parlours, venues and record company offices to see one of the country’s most successful acts at work and play.
Shapeshifter by Oliver Rose
Photo: Oliver Rose

The Sampler: Fat Freddy’s Drop - Blackbird
Nick Bollinger reviews the new album from the Wellington musical institution.
Fat freddys drop blackbird

Music played in this show


Artist: Aotearoa Allstars
Song: Think Twice
Composer: Aotearoa Allstars
Album: Think Twice
Label: Universal


Herbs/ Aotearoa All Stars- Sensitive To A Smile
Artist: Herbs
Songs: Sensitive to a Smile
Composer: D.Karaka/T.Casella/C.Tumahai
Album: Listen, The Very Best of
Label: Warner

Artist: Aotearoa Reggae All Stars
Songs: Sensitive to a Smile
Composer: D.Karaka/T.Casella/C.Tumahai
Label: Illegal Musik

Artist: Aotearoa Reggae All Stars
Songs: Dragons and Demons (live)
Composer: Herbs


Artist: Ruia and Ranea
Song: He Aha Te Wakatau
Composer: Ruia and Ranea
Album: Maori Reggae Vol 1
Label: Maori Music


Artist: Awa
Songs: Moments/Papatuanuku/Home (Aotearoa)/Perfect Day/Kudeta
Composer: Te Awanui Reeder
Album: Heartbeat
Label: Awa Music Limited


Artist: Sandy Tansley
Song: Resuscitation Rock
Composer: Tansley


Artist: Rackets
Song: Separator
Composer: Rackets
Album: Separator


Parquet Courts
Artist: Parquet Courts
Song: Gold Record Diamond Mines, Borrowed Time, Careers in Combat, N Dakota
Composer: Parquet Courts
Album: Light Up Gold
Label: What's Your Rupture


Artist: Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers
Song: Roadrunner
Composer: Richman
Album: Radio On
Label: Recall


Artist: Ed Cake
Song: I Broke All The Rules
Composer: McWilliams
Album: The Fearsome Feeling
Label: Lil Chief


Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers - The Black Soap from Monkeyburg
Artist: Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers
Song: The Black Soap From Monkeyburg
Composer: Bryant - Spittle
Song: Love Is Good
Composer: Ludvigson - Bryant
Song: Me Oh My
Composer: Bryant - Spittle
Song: Red Meat And Bad Behaviour
Composer: Bryant - Spittle
Song: I Know What To Do
Composer: Bryant - Spittle
Song: Hope
Composer: Bryant – Spittle - Burge
Song: The Black Soap From Monkeyburg
Composer: Bryant - Spittle
Album: The Black Soap from Monkeyburg
Label: Red Rocks Records


John Lee Hooker
Artist: John Lee Hooker
Song: I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive
Composer: Hooker
Album: Live at Cafe Au Go-Go
Label: Beat Goes On


Sarah Spicer
Artist: Sarah Spicer
Song: Colours
Composer: Sarah Spicer
Album: Colours
Label: Sarah Spicer

Artist: John Lee Hookeroo
Song: Boogie Chillin
Composer: John Lee Hooker
Album: The Very Best Of John Lee Hooker Vol. 1
Label: Point Blank

Artist: Sarah Spicer
Song: Little Bit Of Rain
Composer: Fred Neil
Album: Colours
Label: Sarah Spicer

Artist: John Lee Hooker
Song: The Healer
Composer: John Lee Hooker, Roy Rogers, Carlos Santana, Chester Thompson
Album: The Healer
Label: Capricorn


Murray McNabb Obituary
Artist: Murray McNabb, Frank Gibson Jr, Kevin Haines
Song: Duke Street
Composer: Murray McNabb
Album: Unreleased - from: Off The Record - The Kiwi Jazz show hosted by Tony Hopkins with Murray McNabb (circa 1996)
Label: http://newzealandjazz.co.nz/tony/murraymcnabb/player.html

Artist: Dr Tree
Song: Affirmation
Composer: McNabb
Album: Dr Tree
Label: EMI

Artist: Tama Renata
Song: Theme from Once Were Warriors
Composer: M Grindley/ M McNabb
Album: Once Were Warriors OST
Label: Tangata


Introducing: Killing Bear
Artist: Killing Bear
Song: Serpent In The Sky
Composer: Killing Bear
Album: The Vine Of Souls
Label: n/a


Gig Guide

Artist: Fly My Pretties.
Song: Bag Of Money
Composer: B. Weir
Album: Fly My Pretties Live At Bats
Label: Loop

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Song: Perception
Composer: Electric Wire Hustle
Album: Every Waking Hour
Label: Every



Artist: Shapeshifter
Song:  Good Looking, Tapestry
Composer:  Shapeshifter
Album: Shapeshifter Live
Label: Truetone

Artist: Shapeshifter
Song: Fire
Composer: Shapeshifter
Album:  The System Is A Vampire
Label: Truetone

Artist: Shapeshifter
Song: Taste Of Memory, Endless
Composer: Shapeshifter
Album: Delta
Label: Truetone/Universal

Artist: Shapeshifter
Song: Electric Dream
Composer: Shapeshifter
Album: Soulstice
Label: Truetone

Artist: Shapeshifter
Song: Diamond Trade, 141, Little Flame
Composer: Shapeshifter
Album: Delta
Label: Truetone/Universal


Artist: The Upbeats
Song: Falling Into Place
Composer: The Upbeats
Album: Primitive Technique
Label: Vision


Artist: Close
Song: My Way feat. Joe Dukie Midland Rmx
Composer: Close
Album: My Way
Label: !k7


The Sampler: Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird
Artist: Fat Freddy’s Drop
Songs: Blackbird, Russia, Clean The House, Bones, Silver and Gold, Never Moving, Soldier
Composer: Fat Freddy’s Drop
Album: Blackbird
Label: The Drop