2-3 pm

The Veils

How dropping a piano inspired Finn Andrews on their new album.

The Veils

The Sampler: Willy Moon - Here's Willy Moon

Nick Bollinger reviews the debut album from an ex-pat overnight sensation.
Willy Moon resized

The Upbeats

Wellington Drum n Bass duo are showing no signs of slowing down. They join us with tales from the road and cuts from their new album Primitive Technique.

3-4 pm

The Sampler: The Flaming Lips - The Terror

We take a listen to their new work, but is it as weird and wonderful as Nick Bollinger’s expecting?

D Burmester and The Blind

The Gunslingers’ Ball guests join us for a session.

D Burmester

Introducing: PCP Eagles

pcp eagles

Melted Ice Cream Compilation

We hear from a new generation of DIY music makers in Christchurch.

melted icecream
Artwork by Gross

Melted Ice Cream Band Infographic
Infographic by Brian Feary

The Gig Guide

We give you our picks for the best gigs around the country.

4-5 pm

Essential New Zealand Album: Trinity Roots - True

Few albums convey a sense of place like True, the debut of Trinity Roots. In the final programme of this series, Nick Bollinger discusses how this recording became inseparable from its location.

Trinity Roots True Album Cover


The English pop band try on veteran producers Flood and Alan Moulder.


Music played in this show


Artist: Henri- Pierre Noel
Song: Simbi
Composer: Noel
Album: Piano
Label: Wah Wah 45s


The Veils- Time Comes We Go
Artist: The Veils
Song: Dancing In The Tornado
Composer: Finn Andrews
Album: Time Stays, We Go
Label: Pitch Beast

Artist: The Veils
Song: Jesus For The Jugular
Composer: Finn Andrews
Album: Nux Vomica
Label: Rough Trade

Artist: The Veils
Song: Candy Apple Red, The Pearl, Out From The Valley & Into the Stars,
Composer: Finn Andrews
Album: Time Stays, We Go
Label: Pitch Beast


Artist:Alice Russel
Song: Let Go (Breakdown)
Album: To Dust
Label: Tru Thoughts


The Sampler: Willy Moon- Here Comes Willy Moon
Artist: Willy Moon
Songs: Yeah Yeah, Railroad Track, Working For The Company
Composer: Moon
Song: Get Up
Composer: Moon/Mackey
Song: I put A Spell On You
Composer: Hawkins
Album: Here’s Willy Moon
Label: Island


Artist: Randa
Song: Orange Juice
Composer: Randa
Album: Summer Camp

Artist: Bjorn Peterson
Song: Money
Composer: Peterson/ Toy
Album: Money


The Upbeats- Primitive Technique
Artist: The Upbeats
Song: Mongram, One Step, Drum Stop
Composer: Jones/ Glenn
Album: Primitive Technique
Label: Non Vogue

Artist: Shapeshifter
Song: Gravity (Lenzman Remix)
Composer: Shapeshifter
Album: Gravity (Lenzman Remix)
Label: Tru Tone


Artist: The Knife
Song: Networking
Composer: The Knife
Album: Shaking The Habitual
Label: Rabid




The Sampler: The Flaming Lips- The Terror
Artist: The Flaming Lips
Songs: Look… the Sun Is Shining, Be Free A Way, Try To Explain, You Are Alone, You Lust, Butterfly How Long It Takes To Die, Always There In Our Hearts
Composer: The Flaming Lips
Album: The Terror
Label: Warner Bros.


Artist: White Fence
Song: Pink Gorilla
Composer: White Fence
Album: Cyclops Reaps
Label: Castle Face


D Burmester and the Blind In Session
Artist: D Burmester and the Blind
Songs: I Dug Further, Firing Line, On the Cobbles Of Amsterdam
Composer: D Burmester
Album: n/a
Label: RNZ Recording


Introducing: PCP Eagles
Artist: PCP Eagles
Song: I Hate the Mall
Composer: PCP Eagles
Album: I Hate The Mall


Melted Ice Cream- Sickest Smashes from Arson City
Artist: BNP
Song: Bag Of Rats
Composer: BNP
Artist: The Dance Asthmatics
Song: Nothing
Composer: Dance Asthmatics
Artist: Transistors
Song: Flux Pentaphile
Composer: Transistors
Artist: Christian Rock
Song: We'll All Meet At Riccarton Mall to F.
Composer: Christian Rock
Artist: Wurld Series
Song: Shirley in the Sun
Composer: Christian Rock
Album: Sickest Smashes from Arson City
Label: Melted Ice Cream

Artist: Squirm
Song: Voodoo
Composer: Squirm
Album: Good Things
Label: Fail Safe

Gig Guide

Artist: Unmap
Song: Coursing
Composer: Unmap
Album: Coursing



Essential New Zealand Album: Trinity Roots True
Artist: Trinity Roots
Songs: True, Beautiful People, Cents and Sense, Little Things, Just Like You, Call To You, Egos, Passion
Composer: Trinity Roots
Album: True
Label: Trinity Roots

Artist: Richie Havens
Song: Freedom
Composer: Havens
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio NZ Recording

Artist: George Jones
Song: White Lightning
Composer: Richardson
Album: White Lightning
Label: Mercury


Artist: Foals
Song: Prelude
Comp: Foals
Album: Holy Fire
Label: Warner Bros.

Artist: Foals
Song: Inhaler
Comp: Foals
Album: Holy Fire
Label: Warner Bros.

Artist: Foals
Song: My Number
Comp: Foals
Album: Holy Fire
Label: Warner Bros.

Artist: Foals
Song: Milk & Black Spiders
Comp: Foals
Album: Holy Fire
Label: Warner Bros.

Artist: Foals
Song: Moon
Comp: Foals
Album: Holy Fire
Label: Warner Bros.


Artist:King Tuff
Song: Alone and Stoned
Composer: King Tuff
Album: King Tuff
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: Sigur Ros
Song: Isjaki
Composer: Sigur Ros
Album: Kveikur

Artist: DJ Mitsu
Song: Always Something
Composer: DJ Mitsu
Album: Beat Installments
Label: Jazzy Sport