2-3 pm

The Phoenix Foundation

The Phoenix Foundation have spread their studio wings with their fifth album - a double LP they’ve called Fandango. Sam Wicks talks with the songwriting partnership of Samuel Flynn Scott and Luke Buda – plus new sticksman, Chris O’Connor – about the art of the double-album.

phoenix foundation fandango

Camerata Caipira

This Brazilian group perform songs not often heard outside of the Brazilian countryside.They bring some of the tunes, and the instruments, into the Music 101 studio for a session.

Camerata Caipira

Introducing: Paddy Fred

3-4 pm

Access All Areas: Document Records

We talk with the guardian of the world’s largest catalogue of vintage American blues, gospel, spirituals, jazz, boogie-woogie, and old-time country music, Gary Atkinson of Document Records.

According to Jack White, who is reissuing a number of these recordings on his own label “these artists were the DNA of American culture. Blues, R&B, Elvis, punk rock… it all goes back to these vital, breathtaking recordings”.

The Sampler: Waves - Waves, Misfit

Nick Bollinger reviews a reissue of a lost 70s New Zealand classic.

The Gig Guide

We let you know about the latest announcements and best gigs around the country.

4-5 pm

Essential New Zealand Albums: The Fourmyula – Turn Your Back On The Wind

For almost forty years one of the essential New Zealand albums remained unreleased and locked in a London vault. In this programme Nick Bollinger tells the story of the Fourmyula’s great ‘lost’ recording, Turn Your Back On The Wind. Adapted from the book 100 Essential Albums, by Nick Bollinger, published by Awa Press.

fourmyula cover


As a youngster Jacob Hemphil had to take shelter from flying bullets in a bathtub during a coup in Liberia, where his father worked at the time. Years later he heard Bob Marley’s Exodus and the African infused reggae classic awoke memories of his childhood in Monrovia. Now based in Arlington, Virginia, we hear music from his dreadlocked eight-piece band.


Music played in this show


Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Song: Hitchcock
Composer: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Pegasus
Label: FMR


The Phoenix Foundation
Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Songs: Black Mould/Evolution/Morning Riff /Walls
Composer: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Fandango
Label: EMI


Artist: Aphrodite's Child
Song: Do It
Composer: Aphrodite's Child
Album: 666
Label: Mercury

Artist: Iron and Wine
Song: Sundown
Composer: Beam
Album: Sundown
Label: 4AD

Artist: Marco Valle
Song: Wanda Vidal
Composer: Valle
Album: Garra
Label: Light In The Attic


Camerata Caipira in Session


Artist: Baden Powell
Song: Canto De Ossanha
Composer: Baden Powell
Album:Bossa Nova
Label: Soul Jazz

Artist: Disasteradio
Song: USB Stick
Composer: Rowell
Album: Electric Blanket
Label: Crystal Magic


Artist: Split Ends
Song: For You
Composer: Judd, T Finn
Album: The Beginning Of The Enz
Label: Mushroom


The Sampler: Waves
Artist: Waves
Songs:Waterlady Song, Ocean Neon Song
Composer: Marshall
Songs: The Dolphin Song, Castle Gates, Wornout Rocker, Vegas
Composer: Gash
Song: Arrow
Composer: Wildman
Album: Waves/Misfit
Label: Ode


Artist: Jesse Sykes And The Sweet Hereafter
Song: Ceiling's High
Composer: Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter
Album: Marble Son
Label: Thirty Tigers
Artist: Kurt Vile
Song: Was All Talk
Composer: Kurt Vile
Album: Wakin On A Pretty Daze
Label: Matador

Document Records
Artist: White Stripes
Song: Lord, Send Me an Angel
Composer: Blind Willie McTell
Album: Single only
Label: Third Man records

Artist: Blind Willie McTell
Song: Lord, Send Me an Angel
Composer: Blind Willie McTell
Album: Best of Blind Willie McTell
Label: Yazoo

Artist: Charley Patton
Song: Down the Dirt Road Blues
Composer: Charley Patton
Album: The Best of Charlie Patton
Label: Yazoo

Artist: Blind Willie McTell
Song: Statesboro Blues
Composer: Blind Willie McTell
Album: Best of Blind Willie McTell
Label: Yazoo:

Artist: Blind Willie McTell
Song: Mama, Tain't Long Fo' Day
Composer: Blind Willie McTell
Album: Best of Blind Willie McTell
Label: Yazoo

Artist: Mississippi Sheiks
Song: Sitting On Top Of The World
Composer: Mississippi Sheiks
Album: Honey Babe Let The Deal Go Down: The Best Of Mississippi Sheiks
Label: Columbia Records

Artist: The Yas Yas Girl
Song: Stop And Listen
Composer: Merline Johnson
Album: The Yas Yas Girl (Merline Johnson) Vol. 3 1939-1940
Label: Document Records

Artist: Son House
Song: Death Letter Blues
Composer: Son House
Album: The Delta Blues Of Son House
Label: Snapper Recordings

Artist: Tony Hollins 1941
Song: I'll Get A Break
Composer: Tony Hollins 1941
Album: Chicago Blues Vol. 1 1939-1950
Label: Document Records

Artist: Bumble Bee Slim-Memphis Minnie
Song: New Orleans Stop Time
Composer: Bumble Bee Slim
Album: Memphis Minnie - Complete Works
Label: Document Records

Artist: Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Song: Strange Things Happen Everyday
Composer: Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Album: Sister Rosetta Tharpe Complete Works
Label: Document Records

Artist: Henry Thomas
Song: Fishing Blues
Composer: Henry Thomas
Album: Anthology of American Folk Music - Smithsonian Folkways
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

Artist: Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Song: Shout, Sister, Shout
Composer: Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Album: Gospel Blues - the Very Best Of
Label: Document Records


Artist: Elliot Smith
Song: Alameda, Alternative Version
Composer: Elliot Smith
Album: Alameda, Alternative Version
Label: Kill Rock Stars


Gig Guide

Artist: Beastwars
Song: Caul of Time
Composer: Beastwars
Album: Blood Becomes Fire
Label: n/a

Artist: Forest Spirits
Song: Don't Let Me (Elliot Smith re-edit)
Composer: Forest Spirits
Album: n/a
Label: n/a

Artist: Death and the Maiden
Song: Dear___
Composer: Death and the Maiden
Album: Dear ___


Essential NZ Album:The Fourmyula Turn Your Back On the Wind
Artist: The Fourmyula
Songs: Come With Me, Alice Is There
Composer: Mason/Richardson
Album: The Complete Fourmyula
Label: EMI

Artist: The Fourmyula
Songs: Green B Holiday
Composer: Mason/Richardson
Album: Green B Holiday
Label: HMV

Artist: The Fourmyula
Songs: Orphan, Nature
Composer: Mason
Album: Creation
Label: HMV

Artist: The Fourmyula
Songs: Since We, Up Country City Down
Composer: Hope
Songs: Take Me, Believe In Love, If You Need A Friend, Turn Your Back On The Wind, Nature
Composer: Mason
Songs: Molly, Wrong Or Right
Composer: Parry
Album: Turn Your Back On The Wind
Label: EMI


Introducing: Paddy Fred
Artist: Paddy Fred
Song: You Alone
Composer: Paddy Fred, Louis Baker
Album: n/a
Label: n/a


Artist: Woodkid
Song: Iron
Composer: Woodkid
Album: The Golden Age
Label: Green United Music

Artist: Burning Spear
Song: Black Disciples
Composer: Burning Spear
Album: Dry And Heavy
Label: Island


Artist: SOJA
Song: Mentality, She Still Loves Me, It’s Not Too Late, When We Were Younger
Composer: Jacob Hemphil
Album: Strength To Survive
Label: ATO Records/AIM


Artist: Dave And Ansel Collins
Song: Nuclear Weapon
Composer: Dave And Ansel Collins
Album: n/a
Label: Trojan