Jack White

White Stripes frontman talks with Mark Coles about the constant pressure to create new challenges for himself.

Jack White


Nicolas Jaar
The Chilean by way of Brooklyn dance music producer joins us ahead of his Laneway show.

Nicolas Jaar


Adventures In Musicland: Disasteradio in China

“Synthesiser pop guy” Luke Rowell AKA Disasteradio toured through the People’s Republic of China in July and August of last year. He took some recording gear and returned from the Middle Kingdom with an audio tour diary.

Disasteradio in China Adventures in Musicland by Abram Deyo used with permission
Disasteradio photo by Abram Deyo

Imbogodem at the Railway Station
We join Orchestra of Spheres’ Daniel Beban and  freak folky Alexander Tucker during a performance which takes over the grand foyer at the Wellington Railway Station.


The Wire - Going Electric. Episode 3 of 8.

Using resonators, horn attachments, new strings and new materials, people had always been trying to make the quiet and humble guitar louder. Electricity finally did the trick. From early jazz to the age of the rock star, each new innovation expanded the electric guitar's world of sound and cemented its status as one of the iconic symbols of the 20th century.


Live: The Topp Twins at The New Zealand International Arts Festival

Beloved kiwi entertainers The Topp Twins have a better than 25-year career in original music and comedy. The fraternal duo - Jools Topp (guitar/vocals) and Lynda Topp (guitar/ vocals/mouth harp/percussion) are known for their chameleon-like morphing between characters, genres and genders, engaging the audience in thought and laughter along the way. Here they are captured live on stage at the 2012 New Zealand International Arts Festival in Wellington.

Alexandre Desplat
The BBC’s Harriett Gilbert talks to Alexandre Desplat, one of the most prolific film composers working today. His films include The King's Speech, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the last Harry Potter movie and The Rise of the Guardians.


MixTape: Murray Cammick

We invite musical guests to compile a C60, and talk us through the selections.
Co-founder of Rip It Up, founder of Southside and Wildside Records, and editor at the soon-to-be-launched online hub for local music Audioculture, Murray Cammick joins us.

Music played in this show


Artist: Link Wray
Song: Rumble
Composer:Vernon Wray
Album: Rumble! The Best of Link Wray
Label: Rhino


Jack White with Mark Coles


Artist: The Kills
Song: Baby Says
Composer: The Kills
Album: Blood Pressures
Label: Domino


Artist: Melody's Echo Chamber
Song: You Won't Be Missing That Part of Me
Composer: Prochet
Album: Melody's Echo Chamber
Label: Fat Possum


Artist: Broadcast
Song: Equestrian Vortex
Composer: Broadcast
Album: Berberian Sound Studio
Label: Warp


Artist: Broadcast
Song: Message From Home
Composer: Broadcast
Album: Work and Non Work
Label: Warp


Nicolas Jaar
Artist: Nicolas Jaar
Song: Mi Mujer
Composer: Jaar
Album: Time For Us/ Mi Mujer
Label: Wolf + Lamb

Artist: Nicolas Jaar
Song: Space Is Only Noise If You Can See, Keep Me There, Colomb, Etre, Problem With The Sun
Composer: Jaar
Album: Space Is Only Noise
Label: Circus Company


Artist: Gold Panda
Song: Same Dream China
Composer: Gold Panda
Album:Lucky Shiner
Label: Ghostly International


Artist: B6
Song: Day of the weird beginning.
Album: Expo.
Label: Undercover culture & Neocha.




Adventures in Musicland- Disasteradio in China
Artist: Disasteradio
Song: Cat/You Win/Electric Ecstasy/Kids of 99/Gravy Rainbow/Computer Whiz
Composer: L.Rowell
Album: Visions
Label: A Low Hum

Artist: Disasteradio
Song: Ultravision/Stairdancer/Believe in Yourself/Digital Pop/Virtual Sunset
Composer: L.Rowell
Album: Charisma
Label: Private


Artist: Orchestra of Spheres
Song: Numbers
Composer: Orchestra of Spheres
Album:Numbers EP
Label: Soundexplorers


Artist: Imbogodom
Song: Live Improvisation
Composer: Tucker/ Beban
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio NZ Recording

Artist: Imbogodom
Song: Etchum Buoy, Borogmog rsquo s Clock, Heir Looms,
Composer: Tucker/ Beban
Album: And They Turned Not When They Went
Label: Thrill Jockey

Artist: Imbogodom
Song: Live Improvisation
Composer: Tucker/ Beban
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio NZ Recording


Artist:Peter Howell
Song: Mainstream
Composer: Howell
Album: BBC Radiophonic Workshop- A Retrospective
Label: Mute

Artist: Dick Dale and his Deltones
Song:Surf Beat
Composer: Dale
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: Crescendo



The Wire Episode 3- Going Electric



Artist: Flight Of The Conchords
Song: The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)
Composer:Brett McKenzie & Jermaine Clement.
Album: Flight Of The Conchords.
Label: SubPop.


Live: The Topp Twins at the NZ International Festival of the Arts
Artist: Topp Twins
Song: E Hine
Composer: Te Rangi Pai
Song: Yodelling Accordian Gal
Composer: Torrani
Song: Returning Home
Composer: Topp / Topp / Thomas
Song: Nga Iwi E
Composer: Melbourne
Song: Songs Of Home
Composer: Low
Label: RNZ Recording


Artist: Walter Carlos
Song: Theme
Composer: Carlos
Album: A Clockwork Orange OST
Label: Warner

Artist: Ennio Morricone
Song: Ecstasy of Gold
Composer: Morricone
Album: The Good The Bad And The Ugly
Label:  EMI


Alexandre Desplat with Harriet Gilbert


Artist: Kavinsky
Song: Nightcall
Composer: Kavinsky/ Lovefoxx
Album: Drive OST
Label: Lakeshore

Artist: Phoenix Foundation
Song: I Love You, Awesome
Composer: Phoenix Foundation
Album: Eagle vs Shark
Label: Hollywood




Mixtape: Murray Cammick
Artist: Martha High and Speedometer
Song: Trouble Man
Composer: Gaye
Album: Soul Overdue

Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Song: Baby I'm Yours
Composer: McCoy
Album:Baby I'm Yours
Label: Domino

Artist: Charles Bradley
Song: Stay Away
Composer: Nirvana
Album:Stay Away 7"
Label: Daptone

Artist: Meshell Ndegeocello
Song: Suzanne
Composer: Cohen
Album:Pour Une Âme Souveraine A Dedication To Nina Simone  
Label: Naive

Artist: Last Shadow Puppets
Song: Wondrous Place
Composer: Giant/ Lewis
Album: The Age of Understatement
Label: Domino

Artist: Last Shadow Puppets
Song: In The Heat Of The Morning
Composer: Bowie
Album: The Age of Understatement
Label: Domino

Artist: Hollie Cook & Prince Fatty
Song: And The Beat Goes On
Composer: Sylvers/ Shockley/ Shelby
Album: And The Beat Goes On 7"
Label:Mr Bongo

Artist: George Faith
Song: To Be A Lover
Composer: Jones/ Bell
Album: Super Eight
Label: Black Art

Artist: Baby Charles
Song: I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Composer: Turner
Album: I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Label: Record Kicks

Artist: Larry Graham
Song: Higher Ground
Composer: Wonder
Album:Raise Up