2-3 pm

Brian Eno

Brian Eno sheds some light on his latest work, LUX, explains why he once had a shed in his studio and why he feels making music is akin to gardening.

Access All Areas: Blondie - Chris SteinBlondie
Blondie emerged from the vibrant New York scene in the late ‘70s, although, at the time were deemed by the 'industry' and some of their peers as the band least likely to get a deal, let alone became pop culture icons who would go on to sell more than 40 million albums globally over a career spanning four decades. Trevor Reekie talks with Blondie founding member Chris Stein.

Introducing: Raiza Biza

3-4 pm

Cody Chestnutt

Ten years after collaborating with The Roots on The Seed 2.0 and the release of The Headphone Masterpiece - a solo debut of homemade hedonism, Cody Chestnutt peels it back to the core for the follow up Landing on A Hundred.

Cody Chestnut resize

The Sampler: Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Psychedelic Pill - a new two-disc marathon from Neil Young and his long-serving band is reviewed by Nick Bollinger.

Heart Attack Alley
Their fiery, blues-soaked debut album Living In Hell is just released, but is it a souvenir from a band burnt out?
Heart Attack Alley Still

Gig Guide


The Secret Life of Piano Tuners
Piano tuning is a beautiful old art that requires a mathematical brain and a musical ear. The aim is to determine the “equal temperament” of the intervals between notes, but this is something that is subtly unique to each piano.
Long an important vocational option for the blind, piano tuners were crucial to the creation of sculptor Michael Parekowhai’s exhibition at Venice Biennale last year, magically bringing a 90 year old Steinway back to life.
Producer Julie Hill and her dad attempted to tune their own piano one summer, after a mouse invaded it while moving. It was a formative lesson that being cheap doesn't pay.

Craig Terris
The drummer-turned-frontman talks about stepping out from behind the security of his kit on Bleat Your Heart Out.







Music played in this show


Artist: Brian Eno
Song: Emerald Line
Composer: Eno
Album: Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Label: Warp


Brian Eno LUX with Mark Coles
Artist: Brian Eno
Song: 12, 11
Composer: Eno
Album: LUX
Label: Warp


Artist: Roxy Music
Song: 2HB
Composer: Ferry
Album: Roxy Music
Label: Island

Artist: Junica
Song: Everywhere I Go
Composer: Brinkman
Album: The Celebration
Label: Warner

Artist: Depeche Mode
Song: Dreaming of Me
Composer: Clarke
Album: Dreaming of Me
Label: Mute


Chris Stein of Blondie
Artist: Blondie
Song: Atomic
Composer: Harry - Destri
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: Nothing Is Real But The Girl
Composer: Destri
Album: : No Exit
Label: Beyond Music

Artist: Blondie
Song: X Offender
Composer: Harry n- Valentine
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: Rip Her To Shreds [Live]
Composer: Harry - Stein
Album: I Love NY Punk
Label: Mojo Magazine

Artist: Blondie
Song: In the Flesh
Composer: Harry - Destri
Album: Blondie
Label; Private Stock - Chrysalis Records

Artist: Blondie
Song: I'm Gonna Love You Too
Composer: Mauldin-Sullivan
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: Denis
Composer: Levenson
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
Composer: Valentine
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: One Way Or Another
Composer: Harry - Harrison
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: Disco Song – demo of Heart Of Glass
Composer: Harry - Stein
Album: The Platinum Collection
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: Heart Of Glass
Composer: Harry - Stein
Album: Atomic - Atomix
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: Rapture
Composer: Stein - Harry
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: The Tide Is High
Composer: John Holt
Album: Atomic: The Very Best Of Blondie
Label: EMI

Artist: Blondie
Song: Maria
Composer: Harry - Stein
Album: No Exit
Label: Beyond Music

Artist: Blondie
Song: Call Me
Composer: Moroder - Harry
Album: Atomic - Atomix
Label: Beyond Music


Artist: The Stranglers
Song: No More Heroes
Composer: Jet Black / Jean Jacques Burnel / Hugh Cornwell / Dave Greenfield
Album: No More Heroes
Label: EMI


Introducing: Raiza Biza
Artist: Raiza Biza
Composer: Raiza Biza
Album: Whenever

Artist: Guru
Song: Loungin' with Donald Byrd
Composer: Guru
Album: Guru's Jazzmatazz Vol 1
Label: Chrysalis



Artist: The Roots
Song: The Seed
Composer: Bobby Chesnutt / Tariq Trotter
Album: Phrenology
Label: MCA


Cody Chestnutt
Artist: Cody Chestnutt
Song: Don't Follow Me, Till I Met Thee, That's Still Mama, Scroll Call
Composer: Chestnutt
Album: Landing on a Hundred
Label: One Little Indian


Artist: Curtis Mayfield
Song: Move On Up
Album: Move On Up [Dressed To Kill]
Label: Hallmark Recordings


The Sampler: Neil Young with Crazy Horse Psychedelic Pill
Artist: Neil Young with Crazy Horse
Songs: Ramada Inn, Psychedelic Pill, Driftin’ Back, Twisted Road, Born In Ontario, For The Love Of Man, Walk Like A Giant
Composer: Young
Album: Psychedelic Pill
Label: Reprise


Artist: Reverend Beat Man
Song: I've Got The Devil Inside
Composer:Reverend Beat Man
Album: I've Got the Devil Inside
Label: Voodoo Rhythm


Heart Attack Alley- Living In Hell
Artist: Heart Attack Alley
Song: I Am Trouble, New Instrumental, Trouble, Spit It Out
Composer: Heart Attack Alley
Album: Living in Hell
Label: Voodo Rhythm Records


Gig Guide
Artist: Black Sabbath
Song: Paranoid
Composer: Butler, Iommi, Osbourne, Ward
Label: Warner

Artist: Thee Oh Sees
Song: Lupine Dominus
Composer: Thee Oh Sees
Album: Putrifiers II
Label: In The Red Records

Artist:The Bellbirds
Song: I Gave My Heart To A Fool
Composer: The Bellbirds
Album: n/a
Label: Recorded live at Roundhead

Artist:Nicki Minaj
Song: Here I Am
Composer: O. Maraj, K. Dean, J. Williams, R. Bronnimann
Album:Pink Friday

Artist: Thomas Oliver Band
Song: Bad Talkin' Man
Composer:T. Oliver, T. Scrase
Album: Baby, I'll Play
Label: ETC

Artist: Imbogodem
Song: Passing Presence
Composer: Imbogodem
Album: And They Turned Not When They Went
Label: Private


The Secret Life Of Piano Tuners
Artist: Split Enz
Song: My Mistake
Composer: Eddie Rayner/ Tim Finn
Album: Dizrythmia
Label: Mushroom Records

Artist: The Boomtown Rats
Song: I Don’t Like Mondays
Composer: Bob Geldof
Album: The Fine Art of Surfacing
Label: Columbia

Artist: Martha My Dear
Song: The Beatles
Composer: Lennon McCartney
Album: The White Album
Label: Apple Records

Artist: Michael Nyman
Song: The Heart Asks Pleasure First
Composer: Michael Nyman & Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
Album: The Piano Soundtrack
Label: Virgin

Artist: Cecil Taylor
Song: Air Above Mountains (Buildings Within) part 1" – 44:22
Composer: Cecil Taylor
Album: Air Above Mountains
Label: Enja

Artist: Bill Bailey
Song: cockney motifs in classical music
Composer: (comedy skit)
Album: The Ultimate Collection… Ever!

Artist: Dinu Lipatti
Song: Waltz no. 7 in A sharp minor Op.64/7
Composer: Chopin
Album: Chopin Waltzes
Label: EMI

Improvised piece by Hermione Johnson on prepared piano, recorded at Audio Foundation Auckland October 2012


Artist: Austin Peralta
Song: Lapis
Composer: Austin Peralta / The Cinematic Orchestra / Tom Chant / Grey Reverend
Album: In Motion pt. 1
Label: Ninja Tune

Artist: Two Cartoons
Song: Bubblewrap
Composer: Two Cartoons
Album: Tiny Terrors


Craig Terris
Artist: Craig Terris
Songs: How Do I Speak/The Hills of a Song/If We All Come Clean/Ahead of the Storm
Composer: C.Terris
Album: Bleat Your Heart Out


Artist: Scott Walker
Song: Dimple
Composer: Walker
Album: Bish Bosch
Label: 4AD