2-3 pm

Born of a twenty five year initiative to reinvigorate Te Reo Maori in the Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Toa and Te Ati Awa communities, and with a feel for the contemporary sounds of roots and hip hop, Iwi delivers a classy second album, Te Kawa Tuarua, written almost entirely in Te Reo Maori. We speak with Iwi’s Kimo Winiata, Keelan Ransfield, and John (Bones) Grace.

Sampler: Sangumas’s Papua New Guinea
A recent digital reissue of original and adventurous 70s jazz-funk, with traditional Papua New Guinean musical elements never far from the surface.

Introducing: Queen Shirl’e

3-4 pm

Maria Minerva
The Wire magazine’s David Keenan coined the term Hypnagogic pop to describe artists that blend and stretch the sounds you might have heard on rock radio, mtv, and block buster movies in the 80s, into curious dream scapes and textured sound collages. One such artist, Estonia’s Maria Minerva, is currently playing shows in New Zealand.

Sampler: Opposite Sex
Nick Bollinger listens to an endearing collection of sea shanties and other curios from this new Gisborne via Dunedin three piece.

Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson in Session
Singer/songwriter for alt-country band The Unfaithful Ways, Marlon Williams with pal Delaney Davidson perform a session in the RNZ studio. We score the first listen to some of Marlon’s new solo material. Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson Hank Brando by Andrew Collins

Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson Hank Brando by Andrew Collins

Gig Guide

4-5 pm

Essential New Zealand Albums Part 2: Split Enz – Mental Notes
Split Enz Mental Notes

Though Split Enz made many successful records, they never made another as disturbingly brilliant as their debut, Mental Notes. In this episode of Essential New Zealand Albums music critic Nick Bollinger discusses this landmark 1975 release.

Sun and The Wolf
We visit former members of Whanganui band The Have, at their new base in Berlin, where they have been doing support slots for the likes of Wolfmother and Kasabian, while preparing the new album White Buffalo.

Sun and The Wolf PR Photo credit Krystal Marois Members left to right top to bottom Peter Mangan Brodie White Mike Tweed Dino Gollnick Resize
 Sun and The Wolf left to right, top to bottom - Peter Mangan, Brodie White, Mike Tweed, Dino Gollnick, by Krystal Marois.





Music played in this show


Artist: Nga Tae
Song: Matarangi
Composer: Nga Tae
Album:Nga Tae
Label: Rattle


Artist: Iwi
Song:He Karanga
Album: Te Kawa Tuarua
Song:E Te Iwi, Whiua, Ka Tu Ka Ora, E Ara E, E Whatu Ake
Composer: Iwi
Album: Iwi
Label: Iwi


Artist: Ria Hall
Song: Best of Me
Composer: Hall
Album: Ria Hall
Label: Ria Hall


Introducing: Queen Shirl'e
Artist: Queen Shirl'e
Composer: Queen Shirl'e
Album: Humanity Single


Angelique Kidjo
Artist: Angelique Kidjo
Song: Tumba
Composer: Brown/ Kidjo
Album: Black Ivory Soul

Artist: Anqelique Kidjo
Song: Kelele
Composer: Hebrail, Kidjo
Album: Oyo
Label: Razor Tie


Artist: Amadou and Mariam
Song: C'est Ne Pas Bon
Composer: Amadou and Mariam
Album: Welcome To Mali
Label: Because

Artist: Narasirato
Song:Horoa Warita
Composer: Narasirato
Label: Smash


The Sampler: Sanguma
Artist: Sanguma
Songs: Namilai, Garden Song, Woma, Crustal Rapids, Sosi Sosi
Composer: Sanguma
Album: Papua New Guinea
Label: Ode


Artist: Sugarman 3
Song: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Sugarman
Composer: Sugarman 3
Album: What The World Needs Now
Label: Daptone



Maria Minerva
Artist: Maria Minerva
Song:The Sound
Composer: Maria Minerva
Album:Will Happiness Find Me?
Label: Not Not Fun
Song: Gloria
Composer: Maria Minerva
Album: Sacred and Profound Love
Label: 100%Silk
Song: Ruff Trade
Composer: Maria Minerva
Album: Cabaret Cixous
Song: California Scheming
Composer: Maria Minerva
Album: Tallinn At Dawn
Label: Not Not Fun


Artist:Ariel Pink Haunted Graffitti
Song: Kinski Assasin
Composer: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti
Album:Mature Themes

Artist: Connan Mockasin
Song: Faking Jazz Together
Composer: Connan Mockasin
Album: Please Turn Me Into The Snat
Label: Rhythmethod


The Sampler: Opposite Sex- Opposite Sex
Artist: Opposite Sex
Songs: Panther Fight, Dada Creep, La Rat, Master/Slave, Vague Notion, Hamish and Chips, Sea Shanty, A Year On Your Own
Composer: Opposite Sex
Album: Opposite Sex
Label: Fishrider


Session: Marlon Williams and Delaney Davidson
Song: How Lucky You Are
Composer: Marlon Williams, Delaney Davidson
Song: Travelling Creature
Composer: Marlon Williams
Song: Farewell
Composer: Delaney Davidson, Al Park
Album: Unreleased
Label: Radio New Zealand recording


Gig Guide



Artist: The Yandall Sisters
Song:Sweet Inspiration
Composer: Yandall Sisters
Album: The Very Best of The Yandall Sisters


Essential New Zealand Album: Split Enz- Mental Notes
Artist: Split Enz
Songs: Walking Down A Road, Under The Wheel, Amy (Darling), Stranger Than Fiction, Maybe, Spellbound, So Long For Now
Composer: Finn/Judd
Songs: Time For A Change, Mental notes
Composer: Judd
Album: Mental Notes
Label: Mushroom

Artist: Fred Dagg
Song: We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are
Composer: Clarke
Label: HMV


Artist: Tom Lark
Song: All Night Long
Composer: Lark
Album: All Night Long
Label: Private

Artist: White Denim
Song: Some Wild Going Outward
Composer: White Denim
Album: Last Days of Summer
Label: Downtown


Sun and The Wolf
Artist: Sun and The Wolf
Song: You, Save It, Oh My Lord, 13, Crocodile
Composer: Brodie White, Peter Mangan, Mike Tweed.
Album: White Buffalo
Label: Banished from the Universe


Artist: Dear Times Waste
Song:The Drink
Composer: Duncan
Album:Some Kind of Eden

Artist: Sunken Seas
Song: Leaves- Black City Lights RMX
Composer: Sunken Seas/ Black City Lights
Album: Leaves
Label: Private