Shihad - Beautiful Machine
A new feature-length documentary film details Shihad's journey from the punk-metal scene in Wellington early 90s, to their status as one of NZ's most important rock bands, through intimate interviews with band-members, their partners and parents, and archival footage of tours and concerts. We speak to producer Grant Roa about this labour of love.

Kaiser Chiefs
Lead singer Ricky Wilson and guitarist Andrew "Whitey" White talk with Nick Atkinson about their hometown of Leeds, their dictatorial drummer, a profound passion for The Who, and that rock'n'roll staple, Coke.

The Sampler: Alabama Shakes
Much hyped soul/blues retro-ists from Athens, Alabama have released their debut Boys & Girls to critical acclaim - does Nick Bollinger agree?


Though they've gone on 'indefinite hiatus' a number of times over the past 18 years, Garbage have never really broken up, and they're about to release their fifth album, Not Your Kind Of People. Fiery-haired Scottish singer Shirley Manson talks about it. (Garbage pictured right)

Shifting Sands
Dunedin songwriter Mike Mcleod gathered together an enviable mob of local musicians for his Americana tinged solo project.

The Sampler: Norah Jones
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to the latest set of songs by easy-listening darling Norah Jones, and assesses what effect the production ears of Dangermouse have had on Little Broken Heart.

Introducing: Nadia Reid

Gig Guide


Prince review
Shane Lust reviews Prince live at Sydney's Allphone's Arena

Sam Wicks speaks with Minneapolis, Minnesota hip hop outfit Atmosphere about rap that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Live: The Subliminals
Although short-lived - releasing two albums between 1999-2000, Auckland-based band The Subliminals left their mark, with Sunday Star Times music critic Grant Smithies describing the 2000 release United States as "the best local rock album in years".
The band reformed in November 2011 to support The Clean for Flying Nun's 30th anniversary. Radio New Zealand National was there to capture the occasion.

Subliminals live at the Kings Arms Auckland Nov Courtesy of petrajane

The Subliminals live at the Kings Arms, Auckland. Photo: petrajane

Free NZ Music Month Compilations

Lil Chief - These Shaky Isles

The National Library's Mixtape - The Turnbull Mix

Awesome Feeling 6 (a song a day for the month of May)


Music played in this show


Artist: Shihad
Song: Factory
Composer: Shihad
Album: Churn
Label: Wildside

Interview: Grant Roa, producer of the documentary Shihad: Beautiful Machine

Artist: Shihad
Song: Debs Night Out
Composer: Toogood/Larkin/Knight/Kippenberger
Album: Killjoy
Label: Wildside

Artist: Shihad
Songs: Home Again, LA LA Land
Composer: Toogood/Larkin/Knight/Kippenberger
Album: Shihad
Label: Wildside

Artist: Shihad
Song: Screwtop
Composer: Toogood/Larkin/Knight/Kippenberger
Album: Churn
Label: Wildside


Artist: Head LIke A Hole
Song: A Crying Shame
Composer: Head Like A Hole
Album: Double Your Strength, Improve Your Health, Lengthen Your Life
Label: Wildside

Artist: Goodshirt
Song: Out Of Our League
Composer: Fisher/Goodshirt
Album: Skinny Mirror EP
Label: n/a

Artist: The Smiths
Song: Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before
Composer: Morrissey
Album: Strangeways Here We Come
Label: WEA

Interview: Kaiser Chiefs

Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Song: Man On Mars, Modern Way, Good Days Bad Days, Listen To Your Head, Little Shock
Composer: Hodgson, Wilson, White, Rix Baines
Album: Souviner
Label: B-Unique/Liberator

Artist: The Who
Song: Magic Bus
Composer: Peter Townsend
Album: the Who Live At Leeds
Label: MCA


Artist: Heart Attack Alley
Song: Spit It Out
Composer: Heart Attack Alley
Album: n/a
Label: Voodoo Rhythm Records

The Sampler: Alabama Shakes

Artist: Alabama Shakes
Songs: Hold On, I Ain’t The Same, Hang Loose, Rise To The Sun, Be Mine, You Ain’t Alone, Heartbreaker
Composer: Alabama Shakes
Album: Boys and Girls
Label: Rough Trade


Artist: Nirvana
Song: In Bloom
Composer: Cobain
Album: Nevermind
Label: Geffen

Interview: Shirley Manson of Garbage 

Artist: Garbage
Songs: Automatic Systematic Habit, Battle In Me, Man On A Wire, Not Your Kind Of People
Composer: Garbage
Album: Not Your Kind Of People
Label: Stun Volume/Liberation


Artist: Souxie and the Banshees
Song: Hong Kong Garden
Composer: McKay, Morris, Severin, Sioux
Album: Once Upon A Time-The Singles
Label: Geffen

Artist: West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Song: Shifting Sands
Composer: Knight
Album: Part One
Label: Sundazed

Interview: The Shifting Sands

Artist: The Shifting Sands
Song: Pixies, Too Late, Feel, Worth Our While
Composer: McLeod
Album: Feel
Label: Fishrider

Artist: Sparklehorse
Song: Shade and Honey
Composer: Linkous
Album: Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain.
Label: Capitol

The Sampler: Norah Jones

Artist: Norah Jones
Songs: Say Goodbye, Little Broken Hearts, After The Fall, Good Morning, Miriam, She’s 22
Composer: Jones/Burton
Album: Little Broken Hearts
Label: Blue Note

Introducing: Nadia Reid

Artist: Nadia Reid
Song: Rise And Fall
Composer: Nadia Reid
EP: Letters I Wrote And Never Sent
Label: Gold Sounds

Gig Guide Bed

Artist: Dinosaur L
Song: Go Bang! Francois K Mix
Composer: Russell/Kevorkian
Album: 24-24 Music
Label: Sleepingbag

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Song: I Love You, Awesome
Composer: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Eagle Vs Shark
Label: Hollywood


Review: Prince in Australia

Artist: Prince
Song: Gold
Composer: Prince
Album: Gold
Label: Warner

Interview: Slug, from Atmosphere

Artist: Atmosphere
Song: God Love Ugly/Vampires
Composer: S.Daley/A.Davis
Album: God Love Ugly
Label: Rhymesayers

Artist: Atmosphere
Song: Guns and Cigarettes
Composer: S.Daley/A.Davis
Album: Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs
Label: Rhymesayers

Artist: Atmosphere
Song: Like the Rest of Us/You
Composer: S.Daley/A.Davis
Album: When Life Gives You Lemons
Label: Rhymesayers


Artist: Tourettes -
Song: Everybody Loves Tourettes
Composer: Barratt/Hoey
Album:Tiger Belly
Label: Round Trip Mars

Artist: Robert Scott
Song: On The Make
Composer: Scott
Album: Ends Run Together
Label: Flying Nun

Live: The Subliminals

Artist: The Subliminals
Songs: The Crystal Chain, Uh-Oh, Speed Of Sound
Composer:The Subliminals
Album: n/a
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: The Golden Awesome
Song: Where To Begin
Composer: The Golden Awesome
Album: Autumn
Label: M'ladies

Artist: Golden Axe
Song: Bees To Meet You
Composer: Golden Axe
Album: Liquid Bacon
Label: AM Discs