Julien Dyne2 - 3pm

Julien Dyne

The backbone of Ladi 6’s touring band, Julien Dyne has just released his second solo album Glimpse, which finds his style moving away from the soulful organic sound of his debut Pins and Digits. Influenced by two summers living in Berlin, Dyne’s new record hisses and bleeps in a futuristic fashion. Nick Atkinson visits the home of the producer, drummer and visual artist.

Photo: At home with Julien Dyne by Nick Atkinson


Sam Wicks joins us for a Splore update.

Splore 2012

Photo: Splore 2012 Main Stage by Nick Atkinson

Minuit vs Gamelan Taniwha Jaya

Electro trio Minuit join forces with composer Gareth Farr’s fifteen piece Gamelan Orchestra – Gamelan Taniwha Jaya for shows at Homegrown and WOMAD.

Ruth and Paul of Minuit. Photo by Dominika Zielinska

Long Shen Dao

We meet a rare thing: Chinese reggae band Long Shen Dao - in New Zealand for Chinese New Year shows.

long shen dao bw

Long Shen Dao and Emma Smith


Doug Jerebine - The Sampler

The first official release of long lost underground NZ classic album Doug Jerebine is Jesse Harper is reviewed by Nick Bollinger.

Band of Skulls

This rock trio from Southampton, UK are mates with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Keys, but they’ve gone a little ‘crunchier’ for second album Sweet Sour.

Introducing: Proton Beast


Musical Chairs: Leo De Castro - The Elusive Legend Part One: Rock My Soul

Lauded as New Zealand’s answer to Little Richard when he was barely a teenager, Leo de Castro crossed the Tasman in 1969. There he won pride of place among the most respected singers of his time. The elusive and often reclusive singer had recording success with his bands King Harvest, Friends and funk unit the Johnny Rocco Band, while remaining largely unknown in his home country.

Field Music - The Sampler

Nick Bollinger reviews Plumb, the Northern English outfit’s fourth album in a ten-year career.

Music played in this show


Artist: Julien Dyne
Song: Borritoe
Composer: Dyne
Album: Glimpse
Label: BBE/Rhythmethod

Interview- Julian Dyne

Artist: Julien Dyne
Song: Candy Apple Grey, Get Closer, Bent, Masks Cheed, Glim, Glisten Up
Composer: Julien Dyne
Album: Glimpse
Label: BBE/Wonderful

Artist:Myele Manzanza
Song: City of Atlantis
Composer: Manzanza
Album: One
Label: Every Waking Hour

Artist: Erykah Badu
Song: Bag Lady
Composer:Badu, Yahzarah, Young
Album: Mama's Gun

Artist: Gareth Farr & NZSO
Song:Tabuh Pacific
Composer: Farr
Album:Orchestral Music
Label: Morrison & Co Trust/CNZ

Interview- Paul Dodge, Minuit vs Gamelan

Artist: Minuit
Song: Except You
Composer: Dodge/Carr/Beehre
Album: The 88
Label: Tardus

Artist: Minuit/Gamelan Taniwha Jaya
Songs: Fuji, Except you
Composer: Dodge/Carr/Beehre arr. Erskine
Album: n/a
Label: RNZ field recording

Interview: Long Shen Dao

Artist: Long Shen Dao
Song: The Heart Guides The Way, Wrap You Up, Africa
Composer: Long Shen Dao
Album: Tai Chi Reggae


Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Song: Fire
Composer: Hendrix
Album: Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix
Label: MCA

The Sampler- Doug Jerebine

Artist: Doug Jerebine
Songs: Midnight Sun, Ain’t So Hard To Do, Circles, Ashes and Matches, Thawed Ice, Idea
Composer: Jerebine
Album: Doug Jerebine Is Jesse Harper
Label: Drag City

Artist: Billy TK and Powerhouse
Song: Marbles
Composer: John McLaughlin
Album: Move on Up
Label: EMI

Artist: The Black Keys
Song: Stop Stop
Composer: Auerbach, Burton
Album: El Camino
Label: Nonesuch

Interview- Band of Skulls

Artist: Band of Skulls
Song: Sweet Sour, Bruises, Lay My Head Down, You’re Not Pretty But You’ve Got It Going On
Composer: Hayward, Marsden, Richardson
Album: Sweet Sour
Label: PIAS

Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Song: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo
Composer: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Album: Beat The Devil’s Tattoo
Label: Abstract Dragon/Shock

Introducing: Proton Beast

Artist: Proton Beast
Song: The Verse
Composer: Proton Beast
Album: 2000 and Blood

Artist: Sleigh Bells
Song: Comeback Kid
Composer: Sleigh Bells
Album: Reign of Terror
Label: Liberator

Artist: Ladyhawke
Song: Black and White and Blue
Composer: Brown
Album: Anxiety

Artist: Anda Union
Song: Hoorai
Composer: Trad
Album: WOMAD: The World's Festival 2012
Label: Catell

Gig Guide



Artist: Little Richard
Song: Rip It Up
Composer: Here's Little Richard
Album: Blackwell, Marascalo
Label: Speciality

Musical Chairs- Leo De Castro

Artist, song, composter, album, label
King Harvest, Witchita Lineman/By the Time I Get To Phoenix (Webb)
Johnny Rocco Band, (Punch / Paige), Heading in the Right Direction, Rocco,
Leo De Castro, Lucille (Penniman/Colins), Voodoo Soul, Big Beat Music, BBM004
Leo De Castro, Mystery Train (Phillips/Parker), Long White Clouds, Big Beat Music, BBM005
Leo De Castro, Walking After Midnight (Block-Hecht), Long White Clouds, Big Beat Music, BBM005
Leo De Castro, Kansas City (Lieber/Stoller),Voodoo Soul, Big Beat Music, BBM004
Little Richard, Tutti Fruiti (Penniman).The Blues Had A Baby, Pr1mo PRMCD6009
Leo De Castro, Lucille (Penniman/Colins), Voodoo Soul, Big Beat Music, BBM004
Leo De Castro, Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song), (Redding/Cooper),Voodoo Soul, Big Beat Music, BBM004
Leo De Castro, Take What I Want (Porter/Hayes/Hodges), Voodoo Soul, Big Beat Music, BBM004
Dallas Four, Sitting In the Park (W. Stewart), Top of the Dial, EMI 5715062
Leo de Castro - See Ya Later Alligator (Guidry), Long White Clouds, Big Beat Music, BBM005
Leo De Castro, Green Onions (Jones, Cropper, Steinberg,Jackson), Voodoo Soul, Big Beat Music, BBM004
King Harvest, Jumping Jack Flash (Jagger-Richards), RCA Victor
King Harvest, Witchita Lineman By the Time I Get To Phoenix (Jimmy Webb) , RCA Victor
Friends, B B Boogie (B.B King), ATA Records,
Friends, Freedom Train, (Friends), ATA Records ATA ATAK-4763
Friends, Statesboro Blues (Blind Willy McTell) Mushroom MRK-5025
Friends, Lady Montego (Duncan McGuire) Live at Garrison, Melbourne
Leo De Castro & Friends, La La Song (Friends) , Sunbury Live, Summer Jam (Havoc/Aztec) 1
Leo De Castro & Friends, Bird On A Wire (Cohen), Sunbury Live, Summer Jam (Havoc/Aztec)
Friends, Lucille live Melbourne Festival Hall (1972) Mushroom MRK-5025
Friends, Freedom Train Live, unreleased
Leo De Castro, Mr Pitiful (Redding Cropper), Voodoo Soul, Big Beat Music, BBM004

Artist: Opensouls
Song: Dollars
Composer: Toy,Davey,Guy
Album: Standing in the Rain
Label: FTC

The Sampler- Field Music

Artist: Field Music
Songs: I Keep Thinking About A New Thing, Start The Day Right, Sorry Again Mate, A New Town, Choosing sides, Who’ll Pay The Bills, Ce Soir
Composer: Field Music
Album: Plumb
Label: Shock

Artist: Yes
Song: Long Distance Runaround
Composer: Anderson
Album: Classic Yes
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Of Montreal
Song: Dour Percentage
Composer: Of Montreal
Album: Paralytic Stalks
Label: Shock

Artist: Django Django
Song: Default
Composer: Django Django
Album: Django Django
Label: Because Music

Artist: Alizarin Lizard
Song: Foxy
Composer:Alizarin Lizard
Album:The Weekend Went Without You
Label:Banished from the Universe