Saturday 13 August

2-3 pm

Icelandic musician Björk talks about her latest album which also includes a game and an app for each track, and about how technology has helped and excited her as a composer.

Sony London Warehouse Fire
We speak to Martin Mills of The Beggars Group and some NZ distributors and artists about how they'll be affected by the fire this week in Sony's London warehouse which engulfed 1.5 million CDs and records belonging to over 150 independent labels. Click here to listen to interviews with Beggar's Group, Southbound, and Sam Scott of the Phoenix Foundation about the Sony Warehouse fire.

Conrad Schnitzler
An early member of ambient electronic group Tangerine Dream, and a founder of Industrial band Kluster, Schnitzler was an unsung hero and innovator in German electronic and experimental music. We take a look at his legacy following his death last week. Listen to Geoff Stahl talk about Conrad Schnitzler here

3-4 pm

Te Awanui Reeder - the crooner from Nesian Mystik has stepped out on his own, and his first foray into solo material is a bilingual release, Native Intel. He talks about his relationship with te reo Māori. Listen to the interview with Te Awanui Reeder here

Seth Haapu
Whanganui-born Seth Haapu grew up singing with his siblings and parents. Now armed with a major label record contract, his solo debut is full of clever and contagious pop songs - he plays some of them live in the studio. Listen to the session with Seth Haapu here

She's So Rad
The musical terrain guitarist, producer and engineer Jeremy Toy has explored through his career has taken in pop punk, soul, hip hop and rock. Now Toy has returned to his shoegaze roots, teaming with his partner Anji Sami as She's So Rad, and delivering an album of camouflaged pop songs.

Sisters of Mercy's Andrew Eldritch on their recent NZ show cancellation.

And our round-up of gigs worth getting out of the house for.

4-5 pm

Musical Chairs featuring Gary Thain: A Kiwi Rock'n'Roll Casualty Part Two: Addiction and Fame
Christchurch bassist Gary Thain ended up playing for British rock band Uriah Heep during their classic years, after travelling to Europe in the mid-1960s with his Kiwi band mates in Me & the Others. Following a serious electric shock on stage with Uriah Heep during a USA tour in September 1974 he never quite recovered. The constant recording and performing demands along with his addiction to hard drugs had taken a greater toll than anyone could have imagined.

Introducing: Solo Ono

The Sampler: Auerilo
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to Auerilo Martinez, from the Caribbean coast of Honduras, whose music is a hybrid of African, Jamaican and Latin styles.