2-3 pm

Paul Kelly

One of Australia's most prolific and well respected songwriters, recently performed one hundred of his songs delivered alphabetically over four nights at the Auckland Arts Festival. He visits the Radio NZ studio to perform live and talk to Trevor Reekie about songs, stories and tempus fugiting. Listen to the session with Paul Kelly here

Rachel Dawick

A blues/folk musician who has returned home after 8 years in the UK studying for a Masters in Songwriting. Wanting to re-connect with her homeland, she began searching for songs written by early female European settlers of Aotearoa, and finding very little, she's decided to collect the stories and write the songs herself. Listen to the interview with Rachel Dawick here and contact Rachel at www.racheldawick.com

Peter, Björn and John

The Swedish trio talk about living in the shadow of their 2006 hit Young Folks, the benefits of a soft-hitting drummer, and their post-punk influenced new album.

3-4 pm

The Sampler: Herbie Hancock

Nick Bollinger talks to the jazz giant about music, philosophy and Miles Davis.

Parallel Dance Ensemble

A musical marriage of rap'n'roller Coco Solid and Danish producer Robin Hannibal. It's a collaboration that spans continents and genres - we talk to Coco about mixing it up. Listen to the interview with Parallel Dance Ensemble here

4-5 pm

Musical Chairs: Thumb to the Highway: In Search of a Musical High (Part 2 of 2)

When Tom Thumb band leader Rick White pulled the plug he went on to form the bands Farmyard and Taylor who both pushed the boundaries for original music. Tom Thumb singer Bruce Sontgen then joined with guitarist Phil Pritchard to form Highway which had success on both sides of the Tasman. Keith Newman wraps up the story of Thumb to the Highway with Part 2 - In Search of a Musical High. More Thumb to the Highway sound and pictures here.

Avalanche City in session

Surprise local singles chart-topper Dave Baxter - aka Avalanche City - joins us in the Music 101 studio. He performs an interesting version of 'Drive On' - with bespoke reel-to-reel backing exclusive to Radio New Zealand - as well as an acoustic version of the song of the moment 'Love Love Love'. Listen to the session with Avalanche City here

And here's D-Rad's latest video, which has inspired a flurry of vitriolic responses...