Saturday 26 February

Music 101 host Kirsten Johnstone talks to some musicians affected by the Christchurch earthquake here

Nick Atkinson recently attended the Mihi to launch a new compilation CD called 'Ihimaera' featuring Witi Ihimaera's words set to music by a selection of New Zealand's finest musicians. This follows on from similar projects based on the work of James K. Baxter and Hone Tuwhare. We join the action at Nga Wai o Horotiu Marae... Listen to audio from the launch of the Ihimaera album here

Witi Ihimaera and Charlotte Yates

Stoner-rock band Kyuss formed in 1988, and built a following by playing at small outdoor, generator-powered gigs in isolated towns surrounding the Southern Californian desert. Their 1993 album 'Blues For The Red Sun' captured the live sound they were known for the swirling clouds of down-tuned guitars, solid rhythms - and slightly inane lyrics. They reached only a cult level of success in their 8 years together, but are considered influential. When the band split in 1995, guitarist Josh Homme, drummer Alfredeo Hernandez, and later bassist Nick Olivieri went on to form Queens Of The Stone Age, while Brant Bjork joined Fu Manchu as the drummer. Singer John Garcia was in a number of short-lived bands, until Hermano, which released three albums. He's been working on his solo project lately - Garcia Vs Garcia - and using Kyuss Lives! - three original Kyuss members minus Josh Homme - to kick-start publicity for that. Listen to Kirsten Johnstone speak with John Garcia here

Fishbone formed in 1979 in East Los Angeles, playing a fusion of funk, rock and ska delivered with hardcore punk attitude. Fishbone was a disparate, all-black oddball crew who gained a sizable cult following but never quite crossed over to a mainstream audience. They were the 'live' act no-one wanted to follow on stage. The band's story has just been documented in the film 'Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone' which is playing at the Documentary Edge Festival in Auckland Feb 18 - March 5 and Wellington March 10 - 17. Listen to Trevor Reekie speak with Fishbone founding member Norwood Fisher here

The Two Oceans Trio formed to tour NZ, playing a mix of Americana and Irish inspired folk music. The group stretches three continents, with mandolin/banjo/fiddle playing singer Tim O'Brien, from the U.S.A, upright bass player Trevor Hutchinson from Ireland, and Irish-born NZ-based Guitarist Gerry Paul, who you may recognize from Irish folk group Grada. The trio popped in for a session with Upbeat's Eva Radich. The songs are: The High Road; My Girl's Waiting For Me; Black and White Rag. Listen to the Two Oceans Trio session here

Musical Chairs featuring Graeme Allwright - one of New Zealand's most successful - yet least known - musical artists. Look and listen to Musical Chairs featuring Graeme Allwright here

Nick Bollinger reviews new albums from Auckland-born, Berlin-based band An Emerald City; visiting bluegrass legend Tim O'Brien; and 21st century singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield. Hear the latest edition of The Sampler with Nick Bollinger here