Saturday 18 September 2010


It is forty years since Jimi Hendrix joined the great gig in the sky. Biographer Charles Cross reminisces about the man behind the music that changed the world. Listen here.

US pop star Janelle Monae talks us through her debut album, time travel, analogy and androids.

Auckland band Surf City discuss the copious use of reverb on the new album Kudos - which is getting the good word all over the place.


Warren Ellis talks about the second album from gritty Bad Seeds spin off Grinderman (pictured below).

We hear from a DJ responsible for the new music that is filling Brazil's dancefloors - along with lovers and haters of his mashups.


Musical Chairs featuring Jimmy Sloggett

Jimmy Sloggett was the Sax Man. On New Zealand pop records of the 1960s and 1970s, odds were that any saxophone solo would be the work of Sloggett, an expatriate Australian with a stellar pedigree.

He was musical director on TV shows such as C'mon, produced and played on countless sessions, and was a member of the Neophonic jazz orchestra.

He also released singles such as 'Yakety Sax', 'Runaway Sax' and 'Midnight Cowboy' and an EP, The Sax Man.

Slogget continues as a session player and live performer in Australia, since his return with New Zealand wife, singer Carol Davies, in the late 1970s.

For Musical Chairs, Jimmy Sloggett looks back on his busy "honking" career with Chris Bourke. Listen here

Nick Bollinger discusses the rebranding of Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant as Americana-inspired roots rocker.

- Kirsten Johnstone is back from her travels to present next week, and Emma returns to producing and having a life. Yay Emma!