Nick Bollinger has a new favorite party album - and its by local rapper Tommy Ill. Listen here.

Having dedicated most of his 72 years to the appreciation of jazz and middle-eastern music, Dr Lloyd Miller is incredibly talented yet still obscure. That may be about to change. His new album recorded with the young UK jazz collective the Heliocentrics is destined for the spotlight.

For Access all Areas Trevor Reekie talks to Dr Lloyd Miller about his lifetime in Oriental Jazz and Iranian Folk. Listen here.

Simon Comber performs a session in the Music 101 studio. Listen here.

3-4 pm

We recall the 1982 visit to NZ by post-punks The Fall,

Street Chant managed to make it to our studio without the car catching fire this week, so they'll tell us a bit about their first album Means.

Cairo Knife Fight talk about live drumming versus loops;

And we hang at sound check with Melbourne pop rockers Temper Trap during their recent visit.

4-5 pm

Music that Heals

Ancient cultures figured out thousands of years ago what western medicine is only just coming to terms with: music is good for you. Whether it's therapy based on Jungian psychology or the more new-age end of the spectrum, music is said to improve memory, aid in rehabilitation and act as a windscreen wiper to the brain, slushing away negative chitchat inside the mind. Julie Hill met the practitioners, the patients and the musicians using music to make themselves and others happier and healthier. Listen here.

Dub Terminator (Aucklander Christian McLay) produced an album of his rhythms featuring emerging reggae vocalists from Jamaica, the U.K., Canada, Europe and Africa. Dub Terminator discusses the making of the Soul Island Volume.

Listen here

Chris O'Connor courtesy of Chris O'Connor