Saturday 21 August 2010

2-3 pm

Nick Bollinger reviews new music from theatrical New York singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia

Re-imagine early Californian surf pop with surprise American Top 40 band Best Coast. Listen here.

And the beautiful sounds of East Timorese folk-singer Ego Lemos.

3-4 pm

Young New Zealand new wavers Kids of 88 reinterpret the plastic glitz of 80s synthpop on their debut album Sugar Pills.

Join eclectic local two-piece Golden Axe (below) inside their latest art installation where they launched their new... cassette. Listen here.

Review a next-generation tribute from Dweezil Zappa.

4-5 pm

Music That Hurts...

In the wrong hands music can be torture.

From armies who use music to demoralise their opponents to shopkeepers who play high-pitched frequencies to dissuade teenagers from loitering, Julie Hill finds that the evil applications of music are almost inexhaustible. Not to mention those unfortunate people who suffer from painful and unusual musical disorders. More here

Reality Chant - uniting reggae cultures around the world for the album Kings Highway. Listen here.

Golden Axe at the High Seas Gallery