2-3 pm

The Brunettes play us a new song and talk about their new "stay at home party" album 'Paper Dolls'. (See video below.)

Meet The Gladeyes, whose music gives a wink, creeps under your skin and fills your head, like love that could have been.

Nick Bollinger reviews the debut from young London minimalists The XX.

3-4 pm

Virtuoso Banjo player Béla Fleck talks about 'Melody of Rhythm', a collaboration with composer and double-bass master Edgar Meyer and Zakir Hussain, arguably the world's greatest tabla player.

Nick Bollinger speaks to Baskery - three Swedish sisters who've dubbed their style 'mud-country, killbilly banjo-punk'.

And we meet a musician who makes and plays a biscuit tin banjo...

4-5 pm

Musical Chairs featuring Fatcat & Fishface

fatcat and fishface

The self-proclaimed outlaws of NZ children's music have produced seven albums of original, cheeky songs and won awards in NZ and the USA. Musical Chairs featuring Fatcat & Fishface is the first ever interview with the mysterious duo, looking at the history of this uniquely New Zealand phenomenon, and the future of their bird-brained antics.

And we report back from New York new music showcase CMJ, where a large NZ contingent showcased their sounds.

And Nick Bollinger speaks to American psych-folk group Akron/Family.