July 11 2009

Nick Bollinger listens to the sound of Iggy Pop growing old gracefully...

RiP!: A Remix Manifesto is a doco about the fair use of intellectual property and copyright. With contributions from Girl Talk, (whose music is made almost entirely of samples from other artist's music) copyright lawyer Lawrence Lessig, and Gilberto Gil, Trevor Reekie talks to Director Brett Gaylor about how technology giveth and technology taketh away..

We speak to The Family Cactus, a Wellington septet who make lovely bombastic indie pop

Musical Chairs features Richard James Burgess - A Different Drummer (Part 2 of 2)

Former Quincy Conserve drummer Richard Burgess helped define the 'new romantic' sound, ran drum clinics, lectured in the US and UK and produced 24 charted singles and 14 hit albums and wrote the definitive textbook The Art of Music Production, and now works at the Smithsonian Institute archiving and preserving the worlds music.

On their latest album, the Sproutts find lacksidasical love in the biomechanical future - we host a session with the manmade popsters.