Saturday July 26

In our musical profiles show Musical Chairs we speak to one time member of Blerta- Beaver- about her life as a singer in a nightclub.

C W StonekingWe'll have a live session from a young white Melburnian who sounds like an old black blues man- C W Stoneking (pictured left).

In 2007 Maitreya made history by becoming the first Hip Hop artist and first New Zealander to raise the 50K necessary to record his album under the wing of SellaBand- a website that gets music fans to put their money where their mouths are. We talk to Maitreya about his resulting debut "Close to Home".

Trevor Reekie, fresh from Guitar Fest in Taranaki, sits down with Tim Donahue to find out what exactly a harp guitar is...

And Troy Ferguson reviews a couple of new boy bands- one from Leeds and one from Florida- the artful disco glam of Wild Beasts and the good dumb fun of Black Kids.