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Time: 12.36
Artist: Ray Anthony and His Book Ends
Title: Peter Gunn Twist/Tequila With A Twist
Composer: Mancini
Album: Saxophobia!
Label: N/A

Time: 12.37
Artist: Sparks
Title: Do Re Me
Composer: Roger and Hammerstein
Album: A Woofer In Tweeter's Clothing
Label: Bearsville

Time: 12.41
Artist: Waylon Jennings
Title: Baker Street
Composer: Rafferty
Album: The Complete MCA Recordings
Label: MCA

Time: 12.47
Artist: Eric Spear
Title: Coronation Street theme
Composer: Spear
Album: Coronation Street
Label: ITV

Time: 12.52
Artist: Spencer David Group
Title: Gimme Some Lovin
Composer: Winwood, Winwood, Davis
Album: Notting Hill
Label: Island

Time: 12.55
Artist: Dion
Title: King of the New York Streets
Composer: DiMucci
Album: King of the New York Streets
Label: Capitol


Time: 1.06
Artist: Leonard Cohen
Title: Boogie Street
Composer: Cohen/Robinson
Album: Ten New Songs
Label: Columbia

Time: 1.14
Artist: Patrick Street
Title: Music for a found Harmonium
Composer: Jeffes
Album: Irish Times
Label: Green Linnet

Time: 1.19
Artist: Booker T Jones
Title: Can’t Buy Me Love
Composer: McCartney
Album: The Art Of McCartney
Label: Universal

Time: 1.22
Artist: The Clash
Title: Straight To Hell
Composer: Strummer, Jones, Simonon, Headon
Album: The Story of The Clash
Label: Epic

Time: 1.30
Artist: Tape 5
Title: Dixie Biscuits
Composer: Wagner
Album: Tonight Josephine
Label: Smarty Mart

Time: 1.35
Artist: Eddy Grant
Title: Electric Avenue
Composer: Grant
Album: The Greatest Hits
Label: East West

Time: 1.40
Artist: Tex Ritter
Title: Blood on the Saddle
Composer: Ritter
Album: High Noon
Label: ASV

Time: 1.44
Artist: Divinyls
Title: Elsie
Composer: Amphlett, McEntree
Album: Music from Monkey Grip
Label: Wea

Time: 1.53
Artist: Middle Of The Road
Title: Soley Soley
Album: The Best Of The Middle Of The Road
Label: RCA

Time: 1.58
Artist: The Drifters
Title: On Broadway
Composer: Leiber, Stoller
Album: Save The Last Dance For Me
Label: Excalibur


Time: 2.06
Artist: Mink DeVille
Title: Venus of Avenue D
Composer: DeVille
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: EMI

Time: 2.14
Artist: The  Tremeloes
Title: Here Comes My Baby
Composer: Stevens
Album: The Ultimate Collection
Label: Castle

Time: 2.20
Artist: Tammy D’Ath
Title: The End of The World
Composer: Kent
Album: Traffic
Label: N/A

Time: 2.29
Artist: The Who
Title: Magic Bus
Composer: Townshend
Album: Magic Bus
Label: MCA

Time: 2.33
Artist: John Mayer
Title: Gravity
Composer: Mayer
Album: Continuum
Label: Vinyl

Time: 2.40
Artist: Primal Scream
Title: Loaded
Composer: Innes, Gillespie
Album: Loaded
Label: Creation

Time: 2.46
Artist: Lou Christie
Title: Cryin’ In The Streets
Composer: Christie, Herbert
Album: Lightnin’ Strikes
Label: MGM

Time: 2.52
Artist: The High Llamas
Title: Campers In Control
Composer: O’Hagan
Album: Hawaii
Label: V2

Time: 2.57
Artist: Pat Benatar
Title: Bloodshot Eyes
Composer: Penny, Hall
Album: True Love
Label: Chrysalis


Time: 3.35
Artist: Jess Conrad
Title: Why Am I Living
Album: Jess For You: Decca Singles Compilation
Label: Vocalion

Time: 3.39
Artist: John Cooper Clarke
Title: Beasley Street
Composer: Clarke
Album: The Very Best Of John Cooper Clarke
Label: Epic

Time: 3.50
Artist: Ingram Hill
Title: 39
Composer: May
Album: Killer Queen: A Tribute to Queen
Label: Hollywood

Time: 3.54
Artist: Nelson Riddle
Title: Route 66
Composer: Riddle
Album: The Best Of Nelson Riddle
Label: Capitol

Time: 3.57
Artist: Tiny Tim
Title: I Got You Babe
Composer: Bono
Album: God Bless Tiny Tim
Label: Warners


Time: 4.07
Artist: Bobby Goldsboro
Title: Honey
Composer: Goldsboro
Album: Honey
Label: Sound and Vision

Time: 4.13
Artist: Ray Wylie Hubbard
Title: The Knives of Spain
Composer: Hubbard
Album: Growl
Label: Philo

Time: 4.17
Artist: Warren Zevon
Title: Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song)
Composer: Albom/Zevon
Album: My Ride’s Here
Label: Artemis

Time: 4.24
Artist: The Kinks
Title: I Wish I could Fly Like Superman
Composer: Davies
Album: Low Budget
Label: UMC

Time: 4.33
Artist: Elliott Smith
Title: Miss Misery
Composer: Smith
Album: Good Will Hunting
Label: Capitol

Time: 4.37
Artist: Richard Harris
Title: McArthur Park
Composer: Webb
Album: The Webb Sessions
Label: Raven

Time: 4.48
Artist: Carlos and the Banditos
Title: Down In Mexico
Composer: Stoller
Album: The Usual Bandidos
Label: Part

Time: 4.53
Artist: Marc Cohn
Title: Walking in Memphis
Composer: Cohn
Album: Marc Cohn
Label: Atlantic

Time: 4.57
Artist: Tommy Emmanuel & Igor Presnyakov
Title: Hit The Road Jack
Composer: Mayfield
Album: N/A
Label: N/A