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Time: 12.36
Artist: Bon Jovi
Title: You Give Love A Bad Name
Composer: Bon Jovi, Child, Sambora
Album: Cross Road
Label: Mercury

Time: 12.41
Artist: Ian Gillan
Title: No Laughing In Heaven
Composer: Gillian
Album: No Laughing In Heaven
Label: Virgin

Time: 12.50
Artist: Huey “Piano” Smith
Title: High Blood Pressure
Composer: Smith, Vincent
Album: Having A Good Time with Huey “Piano” Smith and His Clowns
Label: Demon

Time: 12.53
Artist: Cream
Title: Toad
Composer: Baker
Album: Cream Live
Label: Polydor

Time: 12.55
Artist: Easybeats
Title: Heaven and Hell
Composer: Vanda, Young
Album: The Definitive Anthology
Label: Repertoire

Time: 12.58
Artist: Johnny Burnette
Title: Little Boy Sad
Composer: Walker
Album: 25 Greatest Hits
Label: EMI


Time: 1.06
Artist: Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin
Title: Busy Doing Nothing
Composer: Burke, Van Heusen
Album: Up From The Dark
Label: Ryko

Time: 1.12
Artist: Joan Armatrading
Title: Save Me
Composer: Armatrading
Album: Gold
Label: A & M

Time: 1.17
Artist: The Nylons
Title: Kiss Him Goodbye
Composer: Frashuer, DeCarlo, Leka
Album: Happy Together
Label: Windham Hill

Time: 1.23
Artist: Jay Ferguson
Title: Shakedown Cruise
Composer: Ferguson
Album: Rhino Hi-Five: Jay Ferguson
Label: Elektra

Time: 1.28
Artist: East Village Opera Company
Title: Vesti La Gubba
Composer: Leoncavallo
Album: The East Village Opera Company
Label: Universal

Time: 1.33
Artist: Atomic Kitten
Title: Eternal Flame
Composer: Hoffs, Kelly, Steinberg
Album: Eternal Flame
Label: EMI

Time: 1.38
Artist: Dolly Parton
Title: 9 to 5
Composer: Settle
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: Columbia

Time: 1.44
Artist: The Temptations
Title: Slave
Composer: Strong, Whitfield
Album: Puzzle People
Label: Motown

Time: 1.50
Artist: City Boy
Title: 5-7-0-5
Composer: Mason, Broughton
Album: Book Early
Label: Rdeg

Time: 1.55
Artist: Lily Allen
Title: He Wasn’t There
Composer: Allen, Kurstin
Album: It’s Not Me, It’s You
Label: Regal

Time: 1.58
Artist: Peter Posa
Title: The White Rabbit
Composer: Posa
Album: White Rabbit: The Very Best of Peter Posa
Label: Sony


Time: 2.06
Artist: Supermodel
Title: Candy Rose
Composer: Hanify
Album: Rimu and Roses
Label: N/A

Time: 2.12
Artist: Pistol Annies
Title: Hell on Heels
Composer: Lambert, Monroe, Presley
Album: Hell on Heels
Label: Columbia

Time: 2.16
Artist: The Folksmen
Title: Blood on the Coal
Composer: Guest, Shearer, McKean
Album: Mighty Wind: The Album
Label: Columbia

Time: 2.20
Artist: The Tremeloes
Title: My Little Lady
Composer: Pace, Panzeri, Blakley, Hawkes, Pilat
Album: The Ultimate Collection
Label: Castle

Time: 2.24
Artist: Henry Phillips
Title: The Guitar Pill
Composer: Phillips
Album: Number 2
Label: Oglio

Time: 2.30
Artist: The Temper Trap
Title: Sweet Disposition
Composer: Dundas, Mandagi, Sillitto
Album: Conditions
Label: Liberation

Time: 2.34
Artist: Nichole Atkins
Title: You Were The Devil
Composer: Atkins, York
Album: Mondo Amore
Label: Razor and Tie

Time: 2.39
Artist: Billy Joel
Title: Big Shot
Composer: Joel
Album: 52nd Street
Label: CBS

Time: 2.45
Artist: Bobby Goldsboro
Title: I Don’t Know You Any More
Composer: Goldsboro
Album: The Best of Bobby Goldsboro
Label: EMI

Time: 2.51
Artist: Pretenders
Title: Stop your sobbing
Composer: Davies
Album: The Singles
Label: Sire

Time: 2.55
Artist: Gerry Rafferty
Title: Fever
Composer: Blackwell, Cooley
Album: N/A
Label: N/A

Time: 3.21
Artist: Joe South
Title: Games People Play
Composer: South
Album: Greatest Hits of the 60s
Label: Disky

Time: 3.27
Artist: AC/DC
Title: Highway to Hell
Composer: Scott, Young, Young
Album: Highway to Hell
Label: Epic

Time: 3.32
Artist: Pete Townshend
Title: Give Blood
Composer: Townshend
Album: Give Blood
Label: Atco

Time: 3.43
Artist: Brian Setzer
Title: Drink Whiskey And Shut Up
Composer: Stezer
Album: Nitro Burnin’ Funny Daddy
Label: Seoul

Time: 3.49
Artist: Helloween
Title: I Want Out
Composer: Hansen
Album: Unarmed
Label: Sony

Time: 3.57
Artist: Los Lobos
Title: Lonely Avenue
Composer: Pomus
Album: Till The Night Is Gone: Tribute to Doc Pomus
Label: Rhino


Time: 4.05
Artist: Joey Ramone and Ronnie Spector
Title: Bye Bye Baby
Composer: Ramone
Album: She Talks To Rainbows
Label:  Kill Rockstars

Time: 4.13
Artist: Alex Harvey
Title: Next
Composer: Brel, Shuman
Album: Considering the Situation
Label: Mercury

Time: 4.21
Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Title: Lust of the Blood
Composer: Good, Pohlman
Album: Theme Time Radio Hour 3 with Bob Dylan
Label: Ace

Time: 4.26
Artist: The First Crow To The Moon
Title: The Sun Lights Up The Shadow Of The Mind
Composer: The First Crow To The Moon
Album: Ah Feel Like Ahcid
Label: EMI

Time: 4.31
Artist: Linda Laurie
Title: Just Keep Walking
Composer: N/A
Album: N/A

Time: 4.35
Artist: Sam Phillips
Title: I Need Love
Composer: Phillips
Album: Zero
Label: Virgin

Time: 4.39
Artist: Iris DeMent & Dilbert McClinton
Title: Trouble
Composer: McCall, DeMent
Album: The Way I Should
Label: Warner

Time: 4.47
Artist: Stryper
Title: To Hell With The Devil
Composer: Sweet, Sweet
Album: To Hell With The Devil
Label: Hollywood

Time: 4.53
Artist: Bad Manners
Title: Can Can
Composer: Traditional
Album: The Speedfreaks Ball
Label: Captail Oi!

Time: 4.56
Artist: Suzi Quatro
Title: Hit The Road Jack
Composer: Mayfield
Album: Quatro
Label: RAK