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Time: 12.37
Artist: Simo Ja Spede
Title: Yellow Submarine
Composer: Lennon, McCartney
Album: Spede, Simo ja Vesku
Label: Warner

Time: 12.40
Artist: Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Title: Yellow Brick Road
Composer: Van Vliet
Album: Safe As Milk
Label: Buddah

Time: 12.47
Artist: All About The (Upright) Bass
Title: Postmodern Jukebox
Composer: Trainor, Kadish
Album: Historic Misappropriation
Label: Mud Hut

Time: 12.53
Artist: Yellow Dog
Title: Just One More Night
Composer: Yellow Dog
Album: Never Trust a Hippy: Punk & New Wave ’76-‘79
Label: EMI

Time: 12.57
Artist: Julie Lamb
Title: A Little Shut Eye
Composer: McLeary
Album: When We Hang Out
Label: Julie Lamb


Time: 1.06
Artist: Michael Nesmith
Title: Yellow Butterfly
Composer: Nesmith
Album: Tropical Campfires
Label: Pacific Arts

Time: 1.15
Artist: The Move
Title: Yellow Rainbow
Composer: Wood
Album: The Move
Label: Salvo

Time: 1.18
Artist: Al Tijuana and his Jewish Brass
Title: Yellow Rose in Texas
Composer: Traditional
Album: Greatest hits Volume 4
Label: Capitol

Time: 1.24
Artist: Ray Wylie Hubbard
Title: Screw You, We’re From Texas
Composer: Hubbard
Album: Growl
Label: Philo

Time: 1.28
Artist: Marianne Faithful
Title: She
Composer: Faithfull, Badalamenti
Album: A Secret Life
Label:  Island

Time: 1.35
Artist: The Tremeloes
Title: Yellow River
Composer: Christie, Gale
Album: Ultimate Collection
Label: Castle

Time: 1.38
Artist: The Cure
Title: Just Like Heaven
Composer: Williams, Tolhurst, Thompson, Smith, Gallup
Album: Close to Me
Label: Elektra

Time: 1.42
Artist: Marc Cohen
Title: 29 Ways
Composer: Cohn
Album: Marc Cohn
Label: Atlantic

Time: 1.48
Artist: Kelly Dawn
Title: Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Composer: Levine, Brown
Album: The Yellow Ribbon Collection
Label: R2

Time: 1.51
Artist: Phil Lynott
Title: Yellow Pearl
Composer: Lynott
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: Universal

Time: 1.55
Artist: Aaron Neville and Johnny Adams
Title: Never Alone
Composer: Cash, Gill
Album: Gospel Brunch Classics
Label: Rounder


Time: 2.06
Artist: Lou Christie
Title: Rita, Joanie and the Wayward Wind
Composer: Simon, Newman, Christie, Lebowsky
Album: Greatest Hits Live at the Bottom Line
Label: Varese Sarabande

Time: 2.09
Artist: Lily Allen
Title: Everyone’s At It
Composer: Kurstin, Allen
Album: It’s Not Me, It’s You
Label: Regal

Time: 2.17
Artist: Joe Brown
Title: I Like Bananas
Composer: Yachich
Album: Ukulele album
Label: Joe Brown Productions

Time: 2.22
Artist: Lorde
Title: Yellow Flicker Beat
Composer: Lorde
Album: The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1
Label: Virgin EMI

Time: 2.32
Artist: The Brothers four
Title: Yellow Bird
Composer: Luboff
Album: The Brothers Four
Label: CBS

Time: 2.37
Artist: Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra
Title: Murder She Said
Composer: Goodwin
Album: The Early Works of George Martin
Label: Not Now

Time: 2.40
Artist: Banana Splits
Title: Wait Til Tomorrow
Composer: Barkan, Adams
Album: We’re the Banana Splits/Here Come the Beagles
Label: Hollywood

Time: 2.44
Artist: Burton Cummings
Title: I’m Scared
Composer: Cummings
Album: The Burton Cummings Collection
Label: Rhino

Time: 2.48
Artist: Lil’ Band O’ Gold
Title: Hold on Tight
Composer: Lynn
Album: The Promised Land: A Swamp Pop Journey
Label: Room 609

Time: 2.52
Artist: The Clash
Title: Train in Vain
Composer: The Clash
Album: The Story Of The Clash
Label: Epic

Time: 2.55
Artist: Donald Fagan
Title: Green Flower Street
Composer: Fagan
Album: The Nightfly
Label: Warner Bros


Time: 3.38
Artist: The Roches
Title: Hallelujah Chorus
Composer: Handel
Album: Keep on Doing
Label: Warner

Time: 3.42
Artist: Courtland
Title: Old Yeller theme
Composer: George, Wallace
Album: Old Yeller Soundtrack
Label: Walt Disney

Time: 3.48
Artist: Dan Penn
Title: I’m So Proud
Composer: Gaffney, Gonzales, Schoonover, Schoonover, Morgan
Album: The Man of Somebody’s Dreams: A Tribute to the Songs of Chris Gaffney
Label: Yep Roc

Time: 3.50
Artist: The Yellow Balloon
Title: Yellow Balloon
Composer: Zekley, St John, Lee
Album: The Yellow Balloon
Label: Sundazed

Time: 3.53
Artist: Rockpile
Title: Little Sister
Composer: Rockpile
Album: Live in Concert, 1979
Label: Great Live

Time: 3.57
Artist: The Olympics
Title: Good Lovin’
Composer: Resnick, Clark
Album: Rock Classic
Label: Polygram


Time: 4.06
Artist: Pulp
Title: Common People
Composer: Doyle, Cocker, Banks, Senior, Mackey
Album: Different Class
Label: Plain

Time:   4.14
Artist: Joan Osborne
Title: Shake your hips
Composer: Lee Hooker
Album: Shake Your Hips
Label: Saguaro

Time: 4.21
Artist: Yello
Title: The Race
Composer: Blank, Meier
Album: Essential Yello
Label: Smash

Time: 4.25
Artist: Alan Price
Title: The Yellow Man
Composer: Newman
Album: Geordie Boy: Anthology
Label: Castle

Time: 4.30
Artist: Amen Corner
Title: Gin House
Composer: Henderson, Troy
Album: If Paradise Was Half As Nice
Label: Castle

Time: 4.36
Artist: Daryl Hall & John Oates
Title: Sarah Smile
Composer: Hall, Oates
Album: Class Reunion: The Greatest Hits of 1976
Label: Rebound

Time: 4.41
Artist: Primal Scream
Title: Kill All Hippies
Composer: Primal Scream
Album: Dirty Hits
Label: Columbia

Time: 4.45
Artist: Toni Childs
Title: Walk and Talk Like Angels
Composer: Childs, Ricketts
Album: The Very Best of Toni Childs
Label: Polygram

Time: 4.50
Artist: Diana Ross & The Supremes
Title: Reflections
Composer: Holland, Holland, Dozier
Album: Music and Memories
Label: SBK

Time: 4.53
Artist: The Foxflies
Title: Hit The Road Jack
Composer: Mayfield
Album: The EP
Label: N/A