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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10.20 Travel bubble with Australia and Cook Islands planned for next March

The border between New Zealand and Australia and the Cook Islands is scheduled to re-open for travel in March next year. Karyn speaks with the CEO of Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Chris Roberts, about what it will take for New Zealand's tourism industry to be ready for international visitors.

Tourism Industry Aoteaora chief executive Chris Roberts

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10.30 London calling: BBC World Service

In our weekly cross to the team at the BBC's World Service, Karyn catches up with Audrey Tinline for an update about the  rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, as numbers of infections increase in many countries. With a couple of weeks until the end of the year, how are businesses coping in the UK with arrangements for the post-Brexit transition, and the World Trade Organisation is trying to establish a global agreement to prevent over-fishing.

Coronavirus COVID-19 medical micro model


10.40 When the weather's bad in space

For Lately's weekly science segment, Karyn speaks with Dr Andrew Zic, postdoctoral researcher at Macquarie University and Australia's national science agency CSIRO, about the weather in space. Dr Zic will talk about Proxima Centauri - Prioxima Cen for short - which is our Sun's nearest neighbour with two 'Earth like' rocky planets.

Dr Andrew Zic is a post doctoral researcher at Macquarie University and CSIRO

Dr Andrew Zic is a post doctoral researcher at Macquarie University and CSIRO Photo: supplied