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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson


10.20 Sort Out The Dross baffled by latest delay for Mataura's toxic waste

The group that's been fighting to get toxic waste out of the Southland town of Mataura (Ma-tow-ra) for years is baffled by the latest delay. Negotiations are continuing between the Environmental Defence Society and the waste's producer New Zealand Aluminium Smelters and owner Rio Tinto to speed up the removal of thousands of tonnes of ouvea premix. Karyn speaks with Laurel Turnbull from Sort Out The Dross.

Ouvea premix - or dross - is stored in loose bags around Southland.

Ouvea premix - or dross - is stored in loose bags around Southland. Photo: Sort out the Dross facebook page

10.30 Students improvise as security measures postpone Otago graduations

Just before midday today the University of Otago announced its second day of graduation ceremonies and parades will not go ahead tomorrow. Karyn speaks with the president of the University of Otago Pacific Island Students Association, Melissa Lama, about the impact on students and their families and friends.

Clock tower building on campus

Photo: RNZ / Nate McKinnon

10.40 Kiwi Rules with Matthew Crawley

On the last Kiwi Rules for the year, three musical highlights from this wild year of music. One fuzzed out pop gem from Matthew Crawley's live band of the year, the vinyl debut from Noa Records - recorded over lockdown from around the country, and one of Flying Nun's lesser known greats return with a new label and lineup some decades later with a sound that's fresher than ever!

Virtual Shadow Ensemble artwork

Virtual Shadow Ensemble artwork Photo: supplied