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Photo: RNZ

10:20 Climate fuels wildfires in the MacKenzie Basin

Half the village of Ōhau has been destroyed by fire this weekend and evacuated residents returned this afternoon to see the devastation first hand.

Karyn speaks with climate scientist, Dr Jim Salinger, from his home in Queenstown about the changing weather and temperatures in New Zealand and their impact on the country's fire risk.

Fire damage at Lake Ohau village

Photo: RNZ / Anan Zaki

10:30 London's Calling: the BBC World Service

Rob Hughes-Jones from the BBC's World Service with an update on Covid-19 globally including responses to  President Donald Trump's behaviour and treatment over the past few days since he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Rob will also speak about the Nobel Peace Prize later this week, and efforts by EU ministers deciding how to deal with migrants and asylum seekers coming to Europe from war-torn countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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Photo: Creative commons

10:45 Paul Spain on a strange week in tech news 

Technology correspondent, host of the NZ Tech podcast and CEO of Gorilla Media Paul Spain joins Karyn to look at a hectic week in international tech news. 

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Photo: © Jason Hosking