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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10.20 Australia announces a one-way travel bubble for New Zealanders
New Zealanders will be allowed to visit New South Wales and the Northern Territory without undergoing quarantine on arrival from 16 October under a limited coronavirus travel bubble deal agreed by Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison and New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern.

Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack announced plans this afternoon and Karyn Hay speaks with the Australian Financial Review's Tom McIllroy in Canberra about the details of the arrangement.

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Photo: Penny Bradfield/Auspic

10.30 Hong Kong's new media policy during the Golden Week

In Hong Kong police have a new media accreditation policy saying they will not recognise press passes issued by local media associations.

Karyn catches up with Tom Grundy from the Hong Kong Free Press about the impact of this new policy during this week's heavily policed China National Day and the Golden Week of festivities.

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Photo: Kelly Ho HKFP

10.35 Tamarillos are all go this season 

The fruit formerly known as the tree tomato is ripe for the eating and Karyn speaks with Roger Georgeff from a wholesale fruit market in Christchurch about all things tamarillo.

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10.40 Out Lately With Finn Johansson

On Out Lately tonight Finn pays tribute to fellow musician Reuben Winter aka Totems who died recently. He'll also shine the spotlight on the acoustically soulful Roland Brown with Fallen Angel.

Totems aka Reuben Winter

Totems aka Reuben Winter Photo: supplied