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10:20 Modelling New Zealand's new Covid-19 cases - are these a cluster?
Three new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the community today and the question now is are they part of a new cluster of the coronavirus in Auckland because they are not connected to the existing cluster.

The three new cases sat near a man on a charter flight from Christchurch to Auckland, and he is now known to have Covid-19 having tested positive after leaving managed isolation.

Karyn speaks with Professor Shaun Hendy who is leading the team that's modelling the scenarios for how Covid-19 might spread in New Zealand.

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Photo: Shaun Hendy

10:30 Growing number of people who lost jobs to Covid-19 start businesses

An online platform set up to help small businesses navigate the coronavirus pandemic says there's a growing number of people who have lost their jobs to Covid-19 that are now starting their own businesses.

Karyn Hay speaks with the founder of Manaaki,Andy Hamilton, about the how the online platform works and what they're noticing.

Andy Hamilton from investment group Icehouse Ventures.

Andy Hamilton from investment group Icehouse Ventures. Photo: Supplied by Andy Hamilton.

10:45 Midweek Mediawatch house prices up- columnists punching down 

Mediawatch’s weekly catch-up with Lately. This week: some unpleasant fallout from a broadcasting complaint; more Patrick Gower and more weed; cranky columnist facing a big bill; a revealing political poll  - and house prices soar as economy tanks but is it an election issue?

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