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10:20 Is the NZ COVID Tracer app fit for purpose?

Today Minister of Health, Chris Hipkins, urged New Zealanders to keep using the NZ COVID Tracer app amid fears that our contact tracing won't be up to scratch if a second wave of community transmission occurs.

Just under 600-thousand New Zealanders have so far downloaded it.

Karyn speaks with computer systems engineer and research fellow Dr Andrew Chen, who's had his eye on digital tracing solutions for months. 

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10:30 Australia deportees second night in New Zealand isolation

Australia has this week resumed its controversial deportation of New Zealanders after a hiatus due to Covid-19. 

Yesterday, 30 deportees arrived in Auckland on a charter flight having been in detention in Australia, and tonight is their second of 14 nights in managed isolation at a central Auckland hotel that's a dedicated facility for the deportees with extra security. 

Tania Sawicki Mead is the director of JustSpeak and she joins Karyn to discuss their new reality. 

Police at the Grand Mecure Hotel in Wellington, which is being used as a managed isolation facility.

Photo: RNZ /Dom Thomas

10:45 Midweek Mediawatch: the story of the Blues​

RNZ Mediawatch's Colin Peacock joins Karyn on Lately. Tonight Colin looks at Judith Collins' win: what the media did and what the pundits said, as well as the fall of Todd Muller. Monday's front page on the Dominion Post triggers the cool Capital's cringe while the New York Times' staff revolt conjours backlash. 

The mere mention of Dirty Politics was enough to create a fresh surge of headlines.

The mere mention of Dirty Politics was enough to create a fresh surge of headlines. Photo: PHOTO / RNZ Mediawatch