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10:20 Judith Collins is the new leader of the National Party 

Judith Collins is the new leader of the National Party. Gerry Brownlee will be her deputy. Karyn speaks to former National MP Jonathan Coleman about what that meeting might have looked like. 

Judith Collins

Photo: RNZ /Dom Thomas

10:30 Neale Jones on the new leadership of the National Party  

Political commentator and former Labour chief of Staff under Andrew Little Neal Jones reacts to tonight's news. 

Nine to Noon political commentator Neale Jones


10:35 The new political reality for the National Party 

With the election looming in September, what will new National leadership mean for the campaign season? Richard Shaw is a Professor of politics at Massey University and he joins Karyn to look at what the weeks between now and the election might look like. 

10:45 Contemporary collecting at Te Papa during lockdown 

Now, how do you collect historical artefacts while the history is actually happening? Te Papa has been furiously engaged in "contemporary collecting" during the Covid19 lockdown and aftermath. Their efforts are focused on trying to create a record of the culture in New Zealand during this period, and their hunt is taking them all over the place. Curator Stephanie Gibson joins Karyn to explain how this all works.  

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Photo: Maarten Holl/Te Papa