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Photo: RNZ

10:20  Victoria reinstates lockdown on Covid-19 hotspots  
The Australian state of Victoria is reinstating lockdown for Covid-19 hotspots after a spike in cases.

More than 300-thousand people will go into lockdown from midnight tomorrow after 230 new infections were recorded in less than a week, with 64 new cases today.

Karyn speaks with Nui Te Koha from Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper.

A medic at a drive-through Covid-19 testing site in a Melbourne shopping centre on 26 June, 2020.

Photo: AFP

10:30 China imposes new laws on Hong Kong
China has passed controversial national security legislation in Hong Kong.

It's reported that freedom of speech and protests will be curtailed under the new laws, with anyone breaking the rules potentially charged with secession, subversion or collusion with 'foreign forces'.

Karyn catches up with Tom Grundy from Hong Kong Free Press to talk about what the legal changes will mean for Hong Kongers.

Riot police in the Central district of Hong Kong on 27 May. Police fired pepper-ball rounds and arrested hundreds as they clamped down on protests against a bill banning insults to China's national anthem.

Photo: AFP

10:45 Drug testing sheds light on 2020 Festival season 

A new survey has just been released documenting what drugs New Zealanders were taking at summer festivals this year. The research was carried out by ESR and is based on drugs seized by Police at festivals. 

This differs from the research carried out by Know Your Stuff NZ who offer voluntary anonymous testing where festival goers can take what they're carrying in for testing. 

The New Zealand Drug Foundation's Anna Tonks discusses the findings. 

MDMA pills distributed by drug dealer seized by legal authority.

MDMA pills distributed by drug dealer seized by legal authority. Photo: 123RF