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Photo: RNZ

10:20 Lockdown relaxes in the UK as the weather heats up

Summer is taking hold in the United Kingdom and hundreds of thousands have thronged to the beach defying social distancing requirements as lockdown rules change.

Karyn speaks with UK correspondent Olly Barratt about daily life with the coronavirus including Liverpool's win of the Premier League after waiting 30 years.

Crowds throng to Bournemouth in the UK.

Crowds throng to Bournemouth in the UK. Photo: supplied

10:30 Dixie Chicks reach out to the The Chicks about name change 

News broke today that US country act The Dixie Chicks have dropped the dixie and re-branded as The Chicks. They've done it because they say they've dropped the word because of its connections with the Confederacy and slavery. 

There was of course already a band called The Chicks! Suzanne Lynch from the New Zealand chicks talks to Karyn about how they were approached about the name change. 

The Chicks on C'Mon 1968

The Chicks on C'Mon 1968 Photo: Bruce King

10:40  Out Lately with Finn Johansson 

Our man in Wellington Finn Johansson pops in for his fortnightly update on the new music that is exciting him. This week he has been listening to Su Lee, Deb Never, The Silver Field and Khurangbin. 

Finn Johansson

Finn Johansson Photo: Finn Johansson