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10:20 Has Auckland's Watercare "dropped the ball"?

The Waikato Regional Council is warning that Auckland cannot rely on the Waikato River alone to get out of its drought-induced water supply crisis.

The chair of Waikato Regional Council Russ Rimmington says his region can help but Watercare seems to have "dropped the ball."

Karyn asks Watercare's CEO Raveen Juduram what alternatives there are to the Waikato River for providing Auckland's water supply.

10:30  Standardising rubbish and recycling collection 

Christchurch households are having trouble going back to recycling again after lockdown, when they were able to put rubbish into recycling bins, costing hundreds of thousands in dumping fees. Wasteminz chief executive, Janine Brinsdon, joins Karyn to look at how widespread the problem is and to talk about the work being done to change the way we collect and recycling our rubbish.

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10:45 Technology commentator Paul Spain 

On Mondays we dive into the world of tech and science and tonight Karyn is joined by tech commentator and CEO of Gorilla Technology Paul Spain to have a look at a fairly turbulent week in technology news. 

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