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10:20 Dreamworld faces prosecution for 'systemic failure'

A Queensland coroner has slammed the Queensland theme park, Dreamworld calling its safety record, "frighteningly unsophisticated." Coroner James McDougall today delivered his findings into the deaths of four people including 32-year-old New Zealand-born mother of two Cindy Low, on the Thunder River Rapids ride in Dreamworld park in 2016. ABC reporter, Kate McKenna was in court and joins Karyn live.

Flowers outside Dreamworld in Queensland, where four people died.

Flowers outside Dreamworld in Queensland, where four people died. Photo: AFP


10:30 Is there microplastic in your fish?

Auckland University scientists are feeding microplastics to fish to find out if it ends up in their flesh. In a two-part experiment, Masters student Veronica Rotman has been feeding microplastics to captive snapper at Niwa's aquaculture research facility near Whangarei. She talks to Karyn Kay about that research and the plastic scientists are finding in wild hoki populations.



10:45 How to swim safely on NZ beaches 

It's time for our occasional series I Didn't Know That where we try and learn something new.  This week we're doing something quite timely, learning how to swim safely on New Zealand's beaches, and how to help others without endangering ourselves. 

Muriwai Beach

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly