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10:20 Water for sale, but not for locals 

While bush fires are raging and temperatures are soaring across Australia, there's a situation with water that can be described as extreme at one of Australia's largest sources of bottled drinking water.

In the Tamborine Mountain community in the hinterland on the Gold Coast, locals are waiting more than six weeks for deliveries to fill their dry water tanks.

Niki Gladding from Aotearoa Water Action speaks with Karyn about the pressures in Tamborine Mountain and what local commercial water vs local water conditions are like in New Zealand.

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10:40 Out Lately: Finn Johansson's picks 

Finn Johansson joins us with a preview of three new music selections on Out Lately. 

Tonight MGMT's self released single In The Afternoon from their last album, Little Dark Age followed by Lomelda with Wildfire, which is part of an upcoming fundraiser album.

LEAO combines Pacific tradition with post-punk hypnagogic pop techniques to conjure a sonically compelling and distinct ocean of sound with Siva Masina.  And for the festive season, a taste from PIQSIQ's first Christmas album, Quviasugvik: In Search of Harmony.

Finn Johansson in to the RNZ studio in Wellington for Out Lately.

Finn Johansson in to the RNZ studio in Wellington for Out Lately. Photo: supplied