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10:20 Arthur Allan Thomas back in court

The man at the centre of the great unsolved mystery of New Zealand's criminal history, is facing historical charges - one of rape and 4 of indecent assault relating to two women.

Eighty-one year old Arthur Allan Thomas has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Thomas was convicted twice of murdering Jeannette and Harvey Crewe at their Waikato farm, then pardoned and paid close to a million dollars in compensation.

Journalist, author and television director, Keith Hunter gives Karyn a refresher on the case and it captured the nation.

Arthur Allan Thomas pictured in 2013.

Photo: NZ Herald / file photo


10:30 Sky buys Lightbox streaming service

The telecommunications company Spark is selling its video streaming platform Lightbox to Sky Network Television.

Its not saying how much the acquisition has cost them.  Sky plans to boost its content by merging its own streaming service Neon with Lightbox to compete with Netflix. Consumer Magazine's Hadyn Green explains what it could mean for consumers.

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10:45 The Rest Is History: Christmas 


It's time for our weekly look into the week's news in the past with the Rest is History. This week our history geek Robert Kelly has come over all festive. It's Christmas! But where does it come from? 


A turkey Christmas dinner.

A turkey Christmas dinner. Photo: subbotina/123RF