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10:20 Middlemarch locals remain protective of Foulden Maar  

The Public Works Act may be used to force the purchase by Dunedin City Council of the 23 million-year-old fossil rich crater lake, called the Foulden Marr Crater, near Middlemarch in Otago.

Foulden Maar is approximately 1,000 metres in diameter with a diatomaceous layer estimated to be 200 metres deep.

Middlemarch locals, Andrea Bosshard and Shane Loader, were the first to raise alarm bells at the mining proposal, and Andrea speaks with Karyn about how they uncovered the mining proposal.

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Photo: RNZ / Timothy Brown

10:30 Should Guy Fawke's public vs private displays of fireworks

Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes, who incidentally was also know as Guido Fawkes while fighting for the Spanish as a member of a group of provincial English Catholics, who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

Four-hundred-14 years later, are you lighting fireworks in your backyard or are you a supporting public displays and the call to ban private sales of fire crackers?

Deputy Chief Evan Taylor from the Titirangi Volunteer Fire Brigade speaks with Karyn about how the fireworks night is going out West.

A small firework is set off on a street.

A small firework is set off on a street. Photo: 123rf

10:45 Fundamental forms or rules to be broken? 

It's time for Lately Book Club where we go exploring in the world of literature and invite you to come along. 

Tonight we're talking to author, playwright, screenwriter, comedian and haiku writer Uther Dean about when you are and when you aren't allowed to break the rules. 

Uther Dean performing Haiku

Uther Dean performing Haiku Photo: Uther Dean