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10:20 New Zealand and China upgrade to a new free trade deal

After three years of negotiation, New Zealand and China have agreed on an upgrade to their free trade deal including new rules to make exporting to China cheaper and easier.

Executive Director of the New Zealand China Council, Stephen Jacobi speaks with Karyn Hay about the new agreement that includes the highest level of commitment to environmental standards China has made in any free trade deal.

Executive Director of NZ China Council, Stephen Jacoby

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10:45 I Didn't Know That: Steel guitars and string guitars

In our occasional series, I Didn't Know that - tonight we're talking guitars and my guest is someone who makes guitars and teaches guitar making.

Paddy Burgin is a legendary Wellington luthier.  

He's the ideal person to find out the difference between a steel guitar and a string guitar.

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Photo: Paddy Burgin