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Photo: RNZ

10:20   Candidates attacked as Hong Kong pro-democracy protests continue unabaited

While our local government elections were underway here, in Hong Kong two candidates running for the upcoming District election have been assaulted in the space of a week while they were out canvassing in their districts.

Karyn speaks with Kris Cheng from Hong Kong Free Press.

Jocelyn Chau

Jocelyn Chau. Photo: Jocelyn Chau, via Facebook. Photo: Jocelyn Chau

10:30    19-year-old Fisher Wang elected onto the Rotorua Lakes Council  

The cafe manager at MacDonald's on Rotorua's Fenton Street, Fisher Wang, used Instragram and Facebook as his go-to for campaigning as he planned to give the Rotorua Lakes Council a "breath of fresh air".

Karyn speaks with Fisher about why he decided to run in the local government elections as an independent candidate wanting to focus 100-percent on his new council role.

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Photo: Supplied / Fisher Wang

10:45 I Didn't Know That: How do some birds fly for days non-stop?

Bartailed godwits fly 29-thousand kilometres a year between their Christchurch feeding grounds to breed in the Arctic tundra - the longest known non-stop migration for any bird.

Arctic terns also travel massive distances and swifts spend 80 percent of their lives on the wing - even sleeping airborne.

In our occasional series, I Didn't Know That, Massey University's School of Agriculture associate professor,  Phil Battley is a expert in long-distance migration and explains how they do it.