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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10.25     Wildlife 'selfies' are endangering animals' well-being

Wildlife selfies - the trend of taking photographs with penguins and other creatures is having an impact on feeding, breeding and birth rates.

Professor Philip Seddon - the director of Otago University's Wildlife Management Programme is part of a group of international experts who are extremely worried.

He speaks with Karyn about the discussions at the International Penguin Conference in Dunedin.

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10.40  Out Lately: Flying Out with Matthew Crawley 

Flying Out Records' Matthew Crawley shares some entries in his 'mental wikipedia' including Echo Ohs who have their record release Whammy Bar in Auckland tonight as well as Green Grove and Machine Music from their new album out later this month on Sunreturn.

Matthew also plays from Water's new album Supa out tonight on Flying Out. 

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Photo: Echo Ohs