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10:20  Brexit:  Boris Johnson's bid for early UK election rejected

The UK's Parliament voted to approve a bill to block a no-deal Brexit happening this October. 

Then the UK's Prime Minister,Boris Johnson, called a snap election in response, but Opposition MPs mobilized quickly and convinced 21 members of Johnson's own Conservative Party to join them in seizing control of the parliamentary agenda so they could pass a bill blocking a no-deal Brexit. 

Those Conservative rebels have now been expelled from the party for their disloyalty, but that also means Johnson no longer has a majority in Parliament.

Professor of Law and Human Rights from University of Bristol, Gavin Phillipson, speaks with Karyn aboout what it all means.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Parliament he wanted an election on 15 October.

Photo: AFP / PRU

10:30  Litter levels pollute New Zealand's ecosystem 
An audit into litter across New Zealand estimates there are more than 10 billion cigarette butts strewn across New Zealand.

Environmental group Keep New Zealand Beautiful has released this year's National Litter Audit, and it estimates about 3.6 billion pieces of plastic as well as 394 million litres of nappies contribute to our rubbish problem.

Karyn speaks with CEO of Keep New Zealand Beautiful Heather Saunderson about the results of the litter audit and what can be done to turn things around. 

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10:40   The Rest Is History: ATMs  

It's 50 years ago this week since the first ATM sparked into life and changed the world. 

Money has come a long way since 1969 and New Zealand has been at the forefront of these changes in the ways we earn and spend. 

Robert Kelly talks about where cash comes from, and where it's going. 


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