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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10.20PM  Legal action against shutting down the UK Parliament   

There's been widespread protest about the Conservatives shutting down Parliament for more than four weeks or "pro-roguing".

The UK's Brexit negotiators will now meet with their EU counterparts twice a week next month in the run-up to a crucial summit in October in the weeks before the Brexit deadline on October 31st.

Meanwhile, Ruth Davidson has quit as leader of the Scottish Conservatives after eight years in the job. 

Karyn speaks with Professor of Public Law, Aileen McHarg, at Strathclyde University in Glasgow as they await court decisions following legal action taken against prorogation in Scotland, Northern Ireland and London. 

(FILES) In this file photo taken on March 28, 2019 Union and EU fags flutter outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London.

Photo: AFP

10:40PM  Kiwi Rules: SideKickNick 

Our occasional series, Kiwi Rules, when a New Zealand musician "plays it forward" by introducing us to a track from another Kiwi artist whose music they admire.

Tonight Sidekicknick - the solo project of Auckland's Nick Buckton - re-emerges after more than a decade's downtime between releases with 'You Can Now, Fly', a stylish and surreal audio visual combo created in collaboration with filmmaker Jared Kahi.

There's a fresh wave of material from Sidekicknick who has two complete albums set for simultaneous release this year - The Red Planet Plan / The Blue Planet Plan, the long-awaited follow ups to SKN's acclaimed 2008 long-player Miscellaneous Adventures. 

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Photo: Jen Raoult-ClairObscur