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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson

10:20  Boris starts his first day as UK Prime Minister 

Boris Johnson is Britain's new Prime Minister and today is his first day in the role after winning a convincing victory over Jeremy Hunt in the Conservative party leadership race.

The British papers have had a headlines field day, and our correspondent Olly Barratt updates us from London with the local, regional and national reaction.

Boris Johnson leaves Conservative party headquarters in central London after party members voted him next Tory leader and UK prime minister.

Photo: AFP

10:30  The world's most ethical pub 

A London pub is aiming to be the world's most ethical pub by employing the homeless and offering beer brewed from leftover bread. 

The Green Vic in London's Shoreditch district serves drinks supplied by social enterprises that donate to charity, and plant-based food. And it avoids sending anything to landfill by recycling and composting.

Founder, Randy Rampersad, speaks with Karyn about enabling the average pub-goer to give to charity without having to change their daily routine. 

Randy Rampersad is the founder of the Green Vic in Shoreditch, London.

Randy Rampersad is the founder of the Green Vic in Shoreditch, London. Photo: supplied/Appear Here

10:45 Mediawatch Midweek: The Great Hack

This week on Mediawatch Midweek Jeremy Rose talks to Karyn Hay about the new Netflix series The Great Hack and ponders whether the media is manipulating us.

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Photo: Netflix: screenshot