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Photo: RNZ Andrew Robertson


10:20  Ihumatao Stand-Off: Day 3  

About 300 demonstrators remain at Ihumātao this evening in South Auckland after a three-day stand-off.

RNZ News reporter Tom Furley returns from Ihumatao and speaks with Karyn in the studio about his time at the protest this evening.    

And Tom Anderson was the sound guy who took the call a couple of hours before hitching the amps to a make shift set up on the side of the road for Stan Walker's performance with NRG Rising at Ihumatao. He speaks with Karyn after packing up the gear. 

A piece of wall has been removed to allow acces to the paddocks at Ihumātao.

A piece of wall has been removed to allow acces to the paddocks at Ihumātao. Photo: RNZ / Joanna MacKenzie


10:30 NZ's Award Winning Smart Investor 

An online tool that helps New Zealanders search and compare New Zealand investments has won an award at the Good Design Australia Awards.

Smart Investor compares New Zealand investments including KiwiSaver and shares and bonds and Interim Retirement Commissioner, Peter Cordtz, joins Karyn in the studio in Auckland to explain what makes Smart Investor a winner.

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10:45 The Rest is History: Liberian independence

This week resident historian, Robert Kelly, looks at West Africa and Liberia's connection to the current political rhetoric in the United States. 

Liberia declared its independence on the 26th of July in 1847. It's origins lie with US-based colonial organisations looking to resettle emancipated slaves and questions about who comes "from" where.  

Liberian flag

Liberian flag Photo: Public Domain