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10:20 Matata residents receive an offer

The residents of a small Bay of Plenty beach settlement at risk from potentially deadly debris flows will be offered market value for their properties - if they decide to leave.

In 2005, a torrential downpour washed boulders, logs and other debris down a flooded river, destroying 27 homes in Matata. Since then the future of the at-risk properties has been in doubt.

Tonight the Whakatane District Council has announced a new plan that would allow at-risk property owners to sell up and relocate somewhere safer, and RNZ News reporter Andrew McRae is there.

Some residential homes in Matata have been told by council that they are in an area at threat of a deadly landslip but residents don't agree.

Photo: RNZ / Brad White


10:30 Monsoon season and climate talks in Kathmandu 

As torrential rain bring floods and landslides ripping through areas of Nepal, Bangladesh and India,  policymakers and climate scientists from more than 60 countries are meeting in Kathmandu to discuss the impact of climate change and to assess adaptation measures. 

Roshan Sedhai speaks from the newsroom of the Republica daily newspaper in Kathmandu, while all his colleagues are out reporting in the field. 

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10:45 Lately Book Club: Steven Toussaint 

Lay Studies by Steven Toussaint

Lay Studies by Steven Toussaint Photo: VUP

The Lately Book Club is a way to explore the world with writers through their work.   

Tonight poet and critic Steven Toussaint talks about something very interesting that is going on in New Zealand poetry at the moment.  

His new book is Lay Studies